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Mon, Apr-22-02, 16:30
Hello all,

Well, I'm rarin' to go with CALP for next week (this week I'm still doing Atkins) and I read the book all the way through. I still have two things that I'm unclear about that I couldn't find mentioned in the book:

Avacado: is this considered a high-carb thing only to be eaten at the RM?

Whole milk ricotta cheese: I know low-fat ricotta is considered high carb but I couldn't find anything on whole milk ricotta which I think doesn't have as many carbs on it (like whole milk cheeses as opposed to low fat cheeses)

Any advice from the "experts" would be great.

Tam :wave:

Mon, Apr-22-02, 19:27
Well...... not sure what to tell you. This is what I know...and I am no expert.

Avocado....... What a good food. CALP has a recipe for California Avocado Halves. This recipe is listed under "Rewarding Recipes" which is the section for higher carb recipes for your Reward Meal.

I looked Avocado up on Fitday.com...... this is what it told me:
per 1 cup.....an avocado has 10.79 g carbs. Fiber is 7.3g .

For me personally avocados are not a problem. I don't think that I eat much when I do have them. They don't cause cravings or reduced weight loss. So avocados get a :thup: from me.

Ricotta..... ricotta cheese is listed under the Craving-Reducing Foods List (CALP page 120) It says this: "Dairy and non-meat alternatives: Cheese (all varieties except low-fat ricotta)". Now I wonder if a ricotta that is not considered low fat would be acceptable. I just don't know.

Fitday lists ricotta as having 10.06g for 1 cup. It also has 256.82mg of sodium.

I have to be careful of my cheeses. I could eat an awful lot of it. I think moderation is the key here.

I imagine that each of us is different and you will have to take your time and see how these foods affect you. Eliminate them from your Complimentary Meals if you are unsure and then add them slowly over time and see how you react.

Let us know how they affect you and what else you learn.

Libby :wave:

Wanda L
Mon, Jul-29-02, 14:13
Don't forget to substract fiber grams from Carb grams to get the real carb count:


10.70 - 7.3 = 3.40g