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Mon, Apr-22-02, 12:09
I have made these delicious pickles using sugar (in that other life)but they should work just fine with Splenda. Also, they are very easy and don't require any canning techniques. This should give your tuna and chicken salads the right flavor. Also, the juice could be used in deviled eggs.

Candied Dill Pickles

1 quart dill (or sour) pickles, sliced
1/2 cup tarragon vinegar (cider vinegar is fine)
2 and 3/4 cups Splenda
2 tablespoons mixed pickling spice (found in the spice section of grocery)tied in cheesecloth

Drain pickles. Slice. Combine pickles, vinegar, Splenda, and spices. Let stand at room temperature till sugar is dissolved - about 4 hours. Return half the pickles to the jar, add spice bag, add remaining pickles and syrup. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 days to develop flavor. Remove spiuce bag after 5 or 6 days.

Mon, Feb-24-03, 22:24
is there any substitute for pickling spice?

doreen T
Tue, Feb-25-03, 12:38
1 (US) quart sliced dill pickles = 4 cups = 25.6g carb/7.4g fiber
2 cups Splenda = 66g carb
cup vinegar = 7g carb

for the whole recipe .. 25.6 + 66 + 7 - 7.4 = 91.2 g net

cup of the slices would have 5.7 g net carbs (or ECC)



Wed, Feb-26-03, 10:09
Wouldn't they only have that many carbs if you drank all the pickling juice with the pickles?

doreen T
Wed, Feb-26-03, 14:04
Good point ... but a significant amount would be absorbed nonetheless. My thought would be to err on the side of caution for those at Induction level of carbs, but could be a little more relaxed at higher carb levels.

It's the filler (maltodextrin) that yields all the carbs in Splenda; sucralose is zero. It would be ideal if a liquid form could be made available in North America, because the filler in THAT is water. However, McNiel (Splenda manufacturer) has no plans to make the product available here. Apparently you can buy liquid Splenda in stores .. in BRAZIL :rolleyes:

For readers in countries where cyclamate is available, I imagine that product could be used successfully for this recipe, as cyclamate is stable in cooking and storage (doesn't lose its sweetness). Equal (aspartame) is not stable in storage and loses sweetness after a day or two, so wouldn't work in this recipe. In Canada, SugarTwin (yellow box) is made with cyclamate, and the powder form has half the carbs as Splenda, plus there's a liquid form available that's zero carbs.


Mon, Sep-22-03, 06:42
Try the Mount Olive Brand of Sweet Pickles made with Splenda, the Bread & Butter style are awesome!

Tue, Dec-16-03, 12:47
Mt. Olive now makes a sugar free pickle relish too. I have just found in it at our County Market. It is great too and I love the bread and butter pickles.


Thu, May-13-04, 14:10
Whoo Hoo. I need to find that Mt. Olive stuff. I LOVE sweet bread/butter pickles and missed them this Easter. I also love making sweet tarter sauce with sweet relish & mayo- add a little ketchup and you have big mac sauce. Yum!! Annie

Tue, Jun-15-04, 11:02
make your own! -- mt olive's takes a big cut out of your wallet!

Mon, Jan-17-05, 23:57
I buy Clausen or Ba-Tempe Kosher Dill or Hearty Garlic pickles, they have 0g carbs (according to label). They're very yummy.

Mon, Mar-27-06, 08:34
i have been looking for this recipe!! sue

Fri, Apr-21-06, 13:46
how would this recipe work with Davinci's SF liquid simple syrup(no flavour)

what would be proportions be please?

Tue, May-23-06, 07:51
they turned out pretty good!! sue