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lee B
Fri, Apr-19-02, 15:22
Hello Everyone. Are we suposed to be counting carbs for eggs?
On fitday.com they say that one egg is 1carb. I eat a lot of eggs so it could make a big difference.
One more question...Is it ok to eat ham and sausages ect as long as you count the carbs? I don't usually count carbs for plain meat.
I can't belive that I survived Easter. I wonder what will happen if I reach my goal wieght again! Has anyone kept thier wieght off for a long period of time? Do the cravings for chocolate, crisps ect ever go away? Well keep going everyone. summer is coming. It will be good to get out in the sun (if we get any) :cool: bye Lee :wave:

Sat, Apr-20-02, 06:08
Yes you should count the carbs, especially the sausages which vary so much.

The lowest carbs I have found are in the Tesco finest range but they are still around 2 carbs per sausage. Check the labels. Unfortunately the cheaper the sausage the less the meat content.

Beefburgers.grillsteaks all have the same problem and any prepared ground meats for that matter. They contain rusk. Unless they state categorically that they are 100% beef, beware.

I would not worry to much as this is a low carb regime not a no carb one. But you should still know what you are eating.

Sat, Apr-20-02, 06:41
Has anyone kept thier wieght off for a long period of time? Do the cravings for chocolate, crisps ect ever go away? You can keep the weight off as long as you are vigilant.

My sweet tooth has undergone a major transformation. Proof of the pudding is that I am spending some time with the family. Carbs/sugars/sweets all around.

Yes, I do feel like joining them 'cos psychologically I associate them with "good times" "celebrations" "joy and togetherness" but so far I have not eaten them because I now KNOW BETTER and hopefully will continue to make better choices FOR ME throughout my stay.

It is easy when there is no temptation to fall prey to. If I can hold strong in this situation then I can truly say cravings are well under control.

Take care.

lee B
Sat, Apr-20-02, 16:42
Thanks for your reply Rustpot. I shall have a look at the Tesco's finest range and see what they have to offer. You are right you have to keep an eye on what else is in the product. Good luck in your dieting.
Fiona I understand what you are saying about relating food to good times ect. I am slowely coming to accept that this is a way of eating for life and that it is a good way.
Recently there have been a lot of programmes on diabetes and how bad sugar is for you. I felt good that I was on this diet and that I am probably reducing the risk of getting problems later. I guess that is a good incentive (especially as my father was diabetic). Thanks for your reply and keep in control of those cravings Lee :yum: