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Thu, Apr-18-02, 12:05
What exactly are pork rinds ? and can you get them here ?
I need something to snack on that's carb free.
I love nuts but can't stop once I start eating them.
I'd be grateful for any suggestions

Thu, Apr-18-02, 15:55
These are what we call pork scratchings.

I do warn you though that some brands add rusk, starch and sometimes sugurs to glaze them. Be careful as the packs often don't have a list of ingedients. They are also very salty, so if you are sensitive to salt or retain water easily try to pace yourself until you see how you are affected. Like with anything on the WOL : If in doubt, leave it out!

Some people love the stuff covered in cream cheese as a large high fat/low carb snack or gring it down as a base for recipes where you might othersise use breadcrumbs (ie thickening for soups, croutons, coating on meat if you miss KFC).

Have a look through some of the recipes and see if there are any good uses that you might enjoy

Hope this helps

Thu, Apr-18-02, 16:41
Where do you buy them? I am from SA, but on holiday here in the UK. Not sure where to look for it.


Fri, Apr-19-02, 08:43
The LC Foods in UK Supermarkets ( is a great thread for questions like these.

I found Pork Scratchings in KwikSave which is a subsidiary of Somerfield. Local butchers stock them too. I understand lots of pubs often sell packets of pork scratchings the size of a packet of crisps.

Take care.

Sun, Apr-21-02, 14:16
Sorry I've not been able to log on for a few days.
Thanks for the info - I thought the pork scratchings sold in pubs where full of additives & sugar - but I'll check them out next time I go.
Tina thanks for the link, There is a Kwik Save a few minutes from here so I'll try there.
Hope your all doing well - if the pork scratchings are salty at least they'll make me drink even more water.
Keep up the good work