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Wed, Apr-17-02, 17:48
Just wanted to let you know that I have been speaking to a wholesaler on our behalf who has agreed to do a deal for us on wholesale nuts and other items that they provide.

I primarily focused on Macadamias & almonds, but they do all sorts of other nuts, including a load that I have never heard of!!. Notice that they also do some seeds, oilsHave a look at the website for a full list of the things they sell:


These are the specific prices I have asked about:

500g Macadamias = 5.75
1kg Macadamias = 10.00
500g Almonds = 3.00
1kg Almonds = 5.75
500g Ground Almonds = 3.70

To place an order or to ask any q's about other products they do email there sales rep (Ian who was very friendly!) and he will get back to you asap. They accept Visa, Mastercard & switch. Postage is 4.99 for parcels up to 20k!! Usually arrives next day - but check when you order.


This will make sure you get the discounts he has agreed and may help us negotiate better discounts in the future.

Ians email address is ips~theingredient.co.uk


Wed, Apr-17-02, 21:42
Good to know.

I don't trust myself to keep off the nuts! I get my almonds and cashews from eastern shops - I can't be 100% certain but I think cheaper than that. If memory serves me correctly I paid 5.75 for a 2kg bag of almonds at VB Food Stores in Wembley.

They don't stock macademia nuts. It works out at about 14/kg at Sainsburys so whilst that price is cheaper by the time i've added the postage it comes to the same. Personally I'd prefer to get them in small packets as and when needed - mostly 'cos I can't trust me resisting the "nibble factor" as Karen would put it.

Take care.

Thu, Apr-18-02, 01:36
Nice work Jackie...

I love my nuts and its nice to know we can get them cheaper.

If you find products you like - (mainly sweet things though ) let me know and as I have a business I can usually get wholesale rates - it is always worth looking into !!

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Thu, Apr-18-02, 12:10
nuts oh dont get me started once i start ive been known to eat the whole pack, and then some more