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Wed, Apr-17-02, 14:49
:confused: Help!
I have read and reread all the information in the book and canīt find anywhere that it talks about between meal snacks. Are they not allowed on CAD? I understand which foods can be used outside of the RM but are those only for the other two meals with nothing in between? I can just hardly get by now and then without something and Iīm not sure what, if anything, is "legal".

Wed, Apr-17-02, 15:20
CAD doesn't recommend snacks unless you're losing more than 2 lbs per week, but I'm not sure about CALP.......

-animaldoc :wave:

Wed, Apr-17-02, 15:37
Oh, I was afraid of that!! Well, so much for the late night ham and cheese. Thanks for the info.

Nice to see you are from MI. I am living in Sweden but was originally from Cadillac and Saginaw.

Thu, Apr-18-02, 17:07
The CALP book comments on snacks in a few places. Basically snacks are just fine as long as they are Craving-Reducing foods only.

Here is a quote from CALP, page 117:

Craving-Reducing Meals and Snacks should be well balanced and should include both high-fiber and protein-rich choices. The amount you eat is not critical as long as you include both protein and high-fiber vegetables at any Craving-Reducing Meal or Snack.

:wave: Libby

Fri, Apr-19-02, 00:40
Thanks, Libby. I read that part and was not sure if it meant between meal snacks or what. I do fine during the day but after dinner (before bed) it seems I need just a mouthful of somthing....maybe meat or cheese. This should help a lot!