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Wed, Apr-17-02, 11:47
Hello all,

I've been thinking a while about moving to CALP (started with Atkins in Jan, moved to GO, and am now back on Atkins) and I just got the book yesterday. Haven't had a chance to read it yet but I did take a look at the basic plan (couldn't resust :) ) It looks wonderful (and not just the reward meal ;) ) But I had a few questions I wanted to run past the people who've been doing it for a while.

1. I understand the concept of the reward meal and it makes a lot of sense (even not having read the theory behind it). But did anyone find that this meal triggered cravings afterwards (like, for instance, having desert with the meal and then a few hours later have a craving for more cookies)?

2. From what I understood, for the other meals/snacks during the day, there is no limitation on carbs or poritions, just on what you can eat. This is heaven to me after having to count every carb in things like eggs, cheese, etc. I was wondering how other people had been on other plans (especially Atkins) found this to affect their weight loss.

3. I guess I've been so used to limiting SOMETHING (first fats in low-fat diets, then carbs on Atkins and GO) that it makes me a little nervous. Right now I have quite a bit to lose (about 30 pounds) and I wanted to know how other people have been doing with their weight loss. Not like an average weight loss per month or something but just an overall feeling of weight loss. I think CALP is a great WOL but the weight loss part worries me a little. Anyone can give me some feedback on their weight loss progress (and I know it's different for everyone).

Sorry to be so hesitant!


Wed, Apr-17-02, 12:51
I hear a lot of people having good results with this diet. I'm about to start it too!
Just wanted to wish you good luck! :cool:

Fri, Apr-19-02, 10:51
Well.... lets see.....

CALP is the only diet I have ever followed. So far so good, but ask me about it again in a year because I am looking for something permanent. This Way of Life feels really good.

1. Cravings after reward meals?.... nope, not me not ever. I try very hard to have a balanced Reward Meal and I quit eating when I am full.... not when my plate is clean.

2. Counting Carbs. I don't count them. If a food is not on the CALP Craving Reducing Foods list I do not eat it at my Craving Reducing meals. I do read labels and check out carb counts, but I don't add up my own.

3. My weight loss.... today happens to be an excellent day to get MY opinion on this!! woooo woooo..... as of today, 35 pounds in just less than three months. I lost a lot the first three weeks and about 1-2 pounds a week since then. One to two pounds a week adds up fast. Don't expect more. This is healthy.

I have discovered a couple things about me. Pepperoni is a killer. If I start on them I will eat the ENTIRE bag. So for now I avoid it like the plague. I have to watch how much cheese I eat because I could live on cheese. I just love it. Each of us is different with how we react (crave) different foods...... and you will discover yours as you go.

My best advice?.....
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't quit. You can do this.

:wave: Libby

Fri, Apr-19-02, 11:25
Thanks for the info and the encouragement :) . I'm about halfway through the book and everything makes a lot of sense to me. I have two questions that hopefully someone can shed some light on:

Coffee - from the Basic Plan list, I gather that you're allowed only 1 cup of coffee a day (I think it says something like 2 oz of cream in one cup daily). What about decaf? I've actually managed to wean myself off of regular coffee but I drink about 3 cups of decaf a day. I know that'll be tough to give up.

Craving Reducing meals/snacks - if I'm reading the book right (CALP), these meals should be balanced with high proteins and low carb vegetables. Is this a must?