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Sat, Dec-19-09, 12:26
I had a holiday party last night to attend at an Italian restaurant. I absolutely LOVE the oil with herbs for bread dipping at this particular restaurant. So, I decided to try a new bread-type recipe, based upon this recipe (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=356688&page=1&pp=15). I halved the recipe only because I was testing it and, quite frankly, was in a super hurry because I left work late and needed to make these (and shower and change and be out the door) within 35-40 minutes. I didn't think about this recipe until Friday afternoon at work.

These were the PERFECT texture for dipping in oil and herbs. They might've been a *touch* too sweet for a dinner roll but otherwise, PERFECTION!!!!!! Actually, they remind me of the "King Hawaiian" rolls. I'm sooooo stoked about this. They are VERY filling. I suspect you could dab some butter on top and help them brown but their yellow color is very pretty - looks like cornbread. They were very moist as well.

These made 3 large "rolls" that were tall enough to be cut in half and used as sandwich bread. They taste good cold too. I didn't try freezing them.

4 large eggs
1/4 cup coconut oil or butter, melted (I used European salted butter)
1/4 cup coconut milk
4 drops Sweetfreeze*
5 t Erithritol*
1/2 t vanilla
1/2 teaspoon lime juice
1/4 teaspoon salt (I forgot to add this and they were still perfect)
1/3 cup coconut flour (I used Bob's Red Mill Organic)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 t Xanthan Gum

*for less sweet rolls, try decreasing the Sweetfreeze by 1 drop and the Erithritol by 1 teaspoon

Mix all together until smooth - I used a fork. Line the pan with parchment paper - this is VERY much an essential step!!!!! Plop equal amounts into 3 4.5" cake pans. Bake for 30 minutes in preheated oven at 350.

(Because I was in a hurry (I needed them for a restaurant dinner at 7 and I didn't start until 6:10 and it was a 15 minute drive to the restaurant), after about 25 minutes I turned the oven up to 400-425 (my oven is not very exact) for five minutes. One pan got added late so I removed the two that were done (knife inserted came out clean) and turned the oven off while I left the last one in the oven to continue cooking while the oven cooled. The other two I wrapped in foil and took them with me to the firm holiday party at a local Italian restaurant. They were still warm when I got to the restaurant.)

Nutritional values for entire recipe:
Carbs: 46.61
Net carbs: 14.94
Fat: 35.95
Protein: 31.65
Calories: 633

Nancy LC
Sat, Dec-19-09, 13:14
Yay! Sounds wonderful. I think I'm going to try this soon. Everytime I made the cranberry bread I used the extra batter in my "muffin top" pan and had a crispy kind of flat bread. I think that muffin top pan might be perfect for these.

Sat, Dec-19-09, 14:49
I've thought so too about the muffin top pans and plan to try that type of pan as well.

Sat, Dec-19-09, 21:39
I'm trying to figure out how to tweak this to make it lighter or fluffier - along the lines of a cake. I'm wondering if adding a couple of whipped egg whites would do that. I'm going to try that.

Sun, Dec-20-09, 19:14
It worked! I halved the above recipe to make a much smaller portion (for experimentation purposes) and added 3 egg whites, whipped. I made a 4.5" diameter cake. The result was very similar to an Angel Food Cake.

I'm still trying to find the perfect dinner roll size for these. The 4.5" diameter is too big and the mini muffin tin is too small. I will try the muffin top pan next time (probably Thursday).

Nancy LC
Sun, Dec-20-09, 22:37
Wow nice! Coconut flour is so fine I can see why it worked.

Mon, Dec-21-09, 08:05
I've never made Angel Food Cake before (eaten it, yes) so I didn't realize or anticipate that coconut flour would work. And even better, it doesn't take much coconut flour. :) I'm going to try making a full size on for Christmas - family tradition as a birthday cake on Christmas Day. :)

Fri, Dec-25-09, 12:08
These worked like a DREAM for the Eggs Benedict this morning. I sliced one in half and toasted it. Well, toasted half because I didn't slice evenly and the top half was to thin to pop in the toaster. And the other half was a bit too thick to toast properly but it started toasting and I think it'll work for toasting if sliced to the proper thickness. :)

Mon, Jan-18-10, 17:06
I made this recipe tonight using a muffin top pan. I used melted butter, no xanthan gum and lemon juice. I also sprinkled a bit of stevia and nutmeg on top for more of a muffin-like feel. These are fantastic. Will definitely make these again. Great recipe - thanks! :thup:

Mon, Jan-18-10, 17:35
Actually, they kind of remind me of Thomas Toaster Cakes....I bet you could add blueberries or raspberries to these and toast them! I just had one with butter right out of the oven. Yum.

Mon, Jan-18-10, 19:48
Glad you like them Betsy! I have not tried toasting them ... at least not for very long. It's on my to do list. :)

Thu, Jan-21-10, 10:48
Gypsy, wanted to tell you about something else I did with one of the rolls. I made a parfait....layered one of the rolls, crumbled up, with sweetned whipped cream and berries. WOW. I am thinking this will make a wonderful base for shortcake too!!

Thu, Jan-21-10, 15:55
Excellent! I love parfaits so that'd be terrific!

Sun, Jan-24-10, 16:04
Made these again tonight and folded in 1/4 cup blueberries. Right out of the oven, with butter....excellent!!!!! Next time it will be raspberries. I rarely post here anymore, but wow, I am loving this recipe! :thup:

Mon, Jan-25-10, 12:27
This looks so good. I will try it. Anne

Tue, Jan-26-10, 06:24
Gypsy - these toast beautifully! And my feeling was right- they are just like the Thomas's Toaster Cakes! I am thinking that removing the sweetener and adding some savory seasonings might make for a good sandwich roll or burger bun, too. Endless possibilities. (Oh, and your recipe as written made 6 good sized rolls, using the muffin top pan.) :thup:

Tue, Jan-26-10, 06:25
And hey, Anne! I remember you gave me that wonderful baked cream recipe awhile back! :wave:

Tue, Jan-26-10, 08:57
Sweet! I'm glad this recipe has worked so well. I haven't made it since the holidays as I'm trying to stick to induction for a bit. I'll make up a batch for my February dinner meeting though.

Sat, Apr-24-10, 09:06
This recipe sounds fantastic. My brother & sister in-law had us over for dinner awhile ago and had the foccaccia bread with oil & balsamic on the table and I was sooooo wishing for a low carb alternative. I'm going to try this one asap.

Sat, Apr-24-10, 10:41
I want some tooo

Thu, Sep-02-10, 21:18
These are really good in trifle! I make the mix in my magic bullet and I find it makes the coconut flour less gritty.

Sat, Sep-04-10, 10:15
Good to know! Thanks Aldrina.