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doreen T
Fri, Apr-12-02, 21:42
Originally posted by Dorrris
Hi Doreen, I have read some of your replys to people with
diabetis and wonder if you might have an answer for me.
I started atkins on April 1st. and my blood sugar has been higher
than before. Can you tell me if this will be corrected with the low carb plan or should I change to the food list from the diabetic clinic? Any help would be appreciated. I Really want to stay on the low carb plan.

Thanks Dorrris
:q: hi Dorrris,

I've posted your question here, in case others with similar problem are interested.

Eating the high carbs of the standard diabetic diet will drive your sugars up, and make it difficult to control insulin levels. Without knowing if you're taking any medications, it hard to say the cause of your high blood sugars. When are you measuring? In the morning? There's a symptom of high blood sugars in the mornings known as "Dawn Phenomenon". I've posted some information about DP here (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35881).

It would be good if you could get your hands on a copy of Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0316093440/lowcarbcanad/) .. your library may have a copy that you can borrow. The book deals a lot with Type 1 diabetes, but there is a great deal of info that's useful for Type 2 as well. He gives meticulous details about monitoring glucose, low carbs and eating to control your blood sugars.

Hope this is helpful for you :)


Lisa N
Sun, Apr-14-02, 19:05
Hi Dorrris!

I absolutely agree with what Doreen T said. Following the ADA guidelines will make things worse, not better. Trust me...been there, done that, wound up a fat diabetic on Glucophage with sky high blood pressure. You didn't mention if your blood sugars were high all the time or only in the mornings when you get up. If it's just in the morning, it could very well be the Dawn phenomenon that Doreen mentioned. When I first started this WOE and for several months afterwards, my morning blood sugars were often higher than my bedtime ones (although they consistantly stayed in the normal range after two weeks on the WOE), sometimes they still are. I've also noticed that during my TOM my blood sugars consistenly run a bit higher than the rest of the month. I would highly recommend Richard Bernstein's book, Diabetes Solution to you...I credit this book with literally saving my life. Get it, read it, follow it just like he says to. At first, you will need to check your blood sugars several times a day, not just in the morning because you will need to see how different foods...even low carb ones...effect your blood sugars and even once you have leveled out and you are checking once a day, it should be at different times of day each day, sometimes fasting, sometimes 2 hours after you eat a meal. I alternate doing a fasting blood sugar one day and a 2 hour after a meal (post prandial) blood sugar the next. If you follow this WOE correctly, your blood sugars WILL improve. I now no longer need medication to keep my blood sugars in the normal range and they rarely go up more than 20 points following a meal. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!