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Wed, Apr-10-02, 18:01
One really cool thing I've noticed on this LC WOE is that my skin has gotten much less dry! My feet were always dry and cracked, and I was constantly putting lotion on them to keep them soft. After only three weeks, I find that it's not so necessary anymore. I think my face is less dry too. Anyone else have this experience?

Wed, Apr-10-02, 20:48
I live in Utah and every fall I would dread the finger splits.....the pads of the finger below the nail would just split open, very painfull and sooo slow to heal. Guess what? I never get them now, not since I cut out the carbs.

Mon, May-06-02, 11:35
That is good to hear. I have had eczema since I was a child, but it has been so much worse since I was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. Also, I have the worst dandruff now, no shampoo has helped. I just started Atkins today, so hopefully I will notice a difference. How long did it take before you noticed your skin was better?


melanie 27
Thu, May-09-02, 15:55
Im a borderline diebetic at first Atkins diet cured all symptoms of diebeties now after 4 months the symptoms are returning cracked fingers & feet ,fatigue after eating,thirst,irregular mensus ,pimples there all coming back & my fasting blood suger this am was 95 it has never been over 80 fasting.Anyone no why my blood suger is going haywire again?Im still on induction levels of carbs mostly meat.Im wondering if the protein is converting to gluclose.Any ideas???thanks :wave:

Sun, May-12-02, 04:04

Diabetes caused cracked fingers?

Rachel F
Tue, May-14-02, 07:06
I too am borderline diabetic type 2 and fasting blood suagars went down from the 90 range to the 70 range after only the first month of low carbing. I have been at it since November 2001 - feel absolutely great like so many of you.

Melanie27 - I was wondering if you are sure you are getting enough fats in your diet. It's the increase of fat that makes skin improve. I myself suffered from that great combination of dry skin AND acne - but both have improved since using the new WOE. I now no longer need prescription acne medication - which I had been using for the past 10 years.

The increased fat combined with the increased protein work together to keep blood sugars stable. (not sure exactly why this works as I am not in the medical profession myself!) Also, drinking a lot of water helps heep skin in good condition.

One problem with the Atkins diet is that he (Atkins) is so excited about so many things in his book, that it's hard to keep everything in perspective. Yes, you can eat lots of protein BUT you also must drink water AND keep fats up. Also, it's good to take supplements. This is a lot of 'musts'!

Personally, I find cheese is a good snack - this might help you keep hunger down and fat intake up.

Also, you can have some ups and downs with this WOE so maybe give it a week - but of course if everything contionues to bother you, medical advice would help as well.

Best of luck to you.

Rachel F

Tue, Jul-12-05, 21:46
i read in Dr. Furhmans (i think thats how u spell it) "eat to live" book that a high protein/fat diet can mess up your insulin levels...i have been reading this low carb forum for a bit and it says a lot of people have been seeing great results...but there everyone is different...the eat to live diet promotes super healthy eating....for diabetes esp it says it can be reversed w a diet consisting mainly of GREENS AND BEANS....a modest amount of fruits r allowed....no oil....all of u will probably think this is CRAZY since this is the OPPOSITE of everyones diet and this is much more difficult to follow...but if u read his book...it REALLY makes sense...

Wed, Jul-13-05, 09:58
It might make sense "on paper", that is why the book was published. My BG would go thru the roof with beans (exception being Eden's Black Soy Beans). What is a modest amount of fruit? I can eat 1/4 cup strawberries, blackberries or raspberries (not at one time) or even 1/2 a small Granny Smith apple....and those have to be consumed with Fat and Protein.

LC seems to be the only reliable way to contol BG, IMHO!

Thu, Jul-14-05, 04:47
yea thats true...it might be just bc he wrote some book it all makes sense...but in his book he says EAT like no meat and only fish 2 times a week if u have diabetes and tons of greens and beans..but PLAIN no sugar added beans...he has a lot of research done...try looking him up on internet...eat to live..im just torn between both ways of eating...i prefer his bc i feel so good when i eat that way...i tried low carb twice...it prob was mainly dairy...but i broke out really bad and got my period EARLY!!!! LC seemed to mess up my hormones and i only did it 2 weeks!!

Thu, Jul-14-05, 11:14
Scerrielee - I'm with you! I have to stay LC to keep my sugar low
no mater what I tried to up my carbs, my sugar would stay up.
Its hard for I can only have a tiny portion of any carb.