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Wed, Apr-10-02, 14:45
Hello people :wave:

Does anyone know of a LC cookbook written in the UK? I have looked everywhere on my trips back home, and have scoured Amazon for hours but can't find one. There are plenty written by American authors and I have a couple of them but always come unstuck when I want to attempt the recipes because I can't get hold of most of the ingredients.


Thu, Apr-11-02, 01:24
Hey, it's me, the Dutch-Canadian foodie and kitchen freak again.

Maybe I can help with conversions and ingredient translations? Heck, I'm even familiar with Jamie Oliver and Nigella, and have no trouble with understanding what they're doing and translating :devil: ...

Let me know which lowcarb books you have?

PS: I'm also the Products forum moderator, so I can draw on a lot of "expertise", maybe I can help more than you know... try me :D

Thu, Apr-11-02, 05:14
Hi Dutchgirl2

I know what you mean about recipes in US books. However, we have to live with them as I do not know of any UK low carb cook books.

There is a UK low carb site http://www.low-carb.co.uk/main.htm (http://), however even these recipes often have cup measures.

One day the UK will wake up to the benefits of the low carb way of life, however, for the moment they will still continue to pump out the low fat message.

Thu, Apr-11-02, 06:18
Hi Little Ann :wave:

Thanks for the link, the page for some reason is not available at the moment but I'll try later.

As for the US LC cook books, it's not so much the cup measurements that bother me since I have a set of cups, but the recipes always contain ingredients not available in the Uk (and there are so many of them) let alone Holland ie low carb sausagemeat/sausages to name just one. It's such a shame since some of the recipes sound really yummy. And substitution doesn't always work since the end product normally ends up with too many carbs.

I do find it strange that no-one has 'jumped on the bandwagon' and written cook book for UK low carbers. Still, we can but live in hope :)

Bye for now

Thu, Apr-11-02, 07:35
Try the address on one line, it worked for me this way.

Thu, Apr-11-02, 08:09
By the way, in Jamie Oliver cook books you can find a lot of basic no-mess-around recipes which are actually quite low in carbs, obviously I'm talking about meat dishes and salads. Especially his second book is fabulous, perhaps that's the reason why it's more expensive than the other two.

Thu, Apr-11-02, 11:38
I know what you mean. I got soooo tired of reading labels on prepared foods. Sometimes I found even what I thought was LC was not.

The way I got over that is: have locally AVAILABLE, basic LowCarb ingredients, some idea of how much I can have in a day (eg soya-flour/nuts etc) and just play about with them. That way I know that whatever I am eating is LC; no hidden carbs; not exceeding limits.

Only difficulty is sharing my recipies - I can never recreate the same dish twice, never mind keep track of what was "thrown in" during the cooking process ;) I watch the cookery programmes (with a critical LC eye) and figure out where I could substitute what is not LC but follow the general method.

Take care.