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Tue, Apr-02-02, 23:27
Hello Everyone! I posted on another board, then I found this one. It has been hard for me to find others on CAD. I can't believe I found this one. Here is my situation: I started CAD on March 3rd. I lost three pounds in the first two weeks. Since then I have gained back a pound. Am I stalled? The Atkins WOL scares me with the quick weight loss in the beginning. I don't mind the slow weight loss if it means a better chance of keeping it off, but I'm wondering if I'm slower than I should be. Thanks all!

Wed, Apr-03-02, 05:25

What ever you do, don't get discouraged. Don't forget that this is new to your body and everyone reacts differently.

Which CAD book to you have? The old one or the new Lifespan Program one??? In the CALP there's tips and the such to help you eliminate possible triggers or weight loss stallers.

Also.. why don't you come join our 6 week challenge and post your meals every day. Then we can maybe see what you're lacking or should change. We also encourage each other through our weight loss on a daily basis and trust me when I say it makes a difference.

Hope you come and join us...

Wed, Apr-03-02, 11:35
Nice to meet you Flo!

Josee is right... don't get discouraged.

Personally, I like the CALP book..... same principles, just easier IMO to understand.

I have trigger foods..... took me a while to find them. So be encouraged. You can do this!

Libby :wave:

Wed, Apr-03-02, 12:07
I agree with Libby. I also like the CALP better. I find that it's better explained.

Trigger foods... I know some of mine but it also depends on the day. Carbs have a way of sneaking up on us it seems.

Anyhoo... come join us in our challenge week 6... you'll love it there.

Wed, Apr-03-02, 12:10
Thanks for your replies! The book I have read is the CAD book. I have not read CALP. Are there that many differences between the two? Libby: What is IMO? Remember I'm new! Josee: How do I join the challenge and post my meals?

Wed, Apr-03-02, 12:23
(on top of this screen you'll see in what room you're in, it will say active low-carber forums > main low-carb diets forums & support > daily low-carb support > CAD/CALP) click on CAD/CALP... then scroll down a little and you'll see the topic challenge week 6... just click on it and you'll be there. You'll see my name and Libby's as well as others.

Thu, Apr-04-02, 09:20
In My Opinion....... you should stick around for a while! You might like us. :D