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Sun, Mar-15-09, 12:07
New to posting, but lurking for years. :wave:

I talked myself into buying Carbquik about two weeks ago, tried the cheese biscuits. They weren't bad, but had an odd, sweet taste to the bread. They were pretty good when used as sausage biscuits.

I tweaked the drop biscuit recipe on the box to create cinnamon drop biscuits (would have loved to make them cinnamon-raisin, but oh well). These turned out great! I didn't add a glaze, as they didn't need it, but may try it on a few, just to make them "special".

Oven to 350.
2 cups Carbquik
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup Davinci's. I used Vanilla.
1 TB. Siagon cinnamon. This is a strong cinnamon. If you're using regular cinnamon, you may want to increase to make sure you have a strong cinnamon taste for the biscuits.
2 tsp. Vanilla extract. (may not be needed, I just always add to sweet bake goods)

Mix in a bowl. drop and slightly shape onto greased baking sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes.

Mon, Mar-16-09, 17:51
Do you know the carb count on these? they sound good.

Tue, Mar-17-09, 05:28
The carbquik box has the plain biscuits listed as 2 carbs each, for 15 biscuits. That would be 30 total for the carbquik. Add 1.7 for the cinnamon (found that on someone's spice listing here), and 1 carb for the davinci (same place). This would be 32.7 for the whole recipe, giving 2.18 carbs if you have 15 biscuits. They aren't big at 15, so if you only make 12, it's 2.73 carbs each.

(I'm a math teacher!) ;)