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Sun, Mar-31-02, 05:05
How are we all coping with the stresses that seasons like Easter, Christmas, Holidays place on staying with the Low-Carb WOE?

It is also a time when we come into contact with others who are not following a LC WOL. LC food has to be laid on the table to respect their needs - how does one stay focussed on what I can eat from the spread on the table?

I can't trust myself to go to the shops once the Easter eggs start coming in. I resist many times but sooner or later succumb - usually when I get confident that I am immune. Being a sucker for "bargains" I will be staying well away from the shops for the week after Easter too - make use of some of those Salmon tins I have been collecting! Wish I had a nice supply of olives to go with my fish salads - better planning next time!

Take Care.

Sun, Mar-31-02, 10:47
We are going out to an Easter Brunch this afternoon. This will allow us to see lots of family and friends, is reasonably priced, and since it's brunch-there will be eggs, bacon, sausage, turkey, beef, ham, etc. I can eat well just by avoiding the carby stuff. For dessert, my wife even made me one of her incredible cheesecakes! :cool:

Happy Easter!

Sun, Mar-31-02, 11:32
Ah, Easter candy. I have had to change what my definition of candy is. My kids received numerous sweets from the Easter Bunny, me, I reveived 2 hot sticks of beef jerky (1 carb each). Maybe I'll get crazy and have a diet rootbeer with a little heavy cream in it (less than 1 carb per tsp, tastes like a melted rootbeer float :D ).

As far as the meal. When in doubt, have a big salad with your choice of meat and cheese. I love to order a cobb salad when I go out with friends with Blue Cheese dressing on the side.

Today for dinner, we have ham and turkey and 3-4 different kinds of cheeses. I will make a salad with either Ranch Dressing or Blue Cheese. I also like a dab of either some exotic (my wife says weird) mustard on the side to dip the meat in. If eating roast, I like to put a little bit of pre-mixed horse-radish sauce on the side (1 carb per tsp) for some bite.

Good luck on this holiday. Enjoy the season, think of what Easter is about and then eat some good meat and cheese! :thup: