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Sat, Mar-30-02, 09:23
For those who went from Akins to CAD - did your body have a hard time for awhile? My body is bloated and and not feeling the best. How long does it take for the body to get used to this WOE
and do you find the bloating goes away?

Mon, Apr-01-02, 11:51
I too went from Atkins to Cad, my weight hasn't change and that is a good thing, but you are right I do feel bloated sometimes, I do like this way of eating, but I wonder how long will it be before I start dropping some weight, I think I know what my problem is, I use artificial sweetner for my coffee or I will have some Tangerine Diet Rite with my lunch or as orange juice for breakfast, has anyone else experienced this, I am really anxious for this weight to start coming off

Wed, Apr-03-02, 09:37
I switched recently and yes my body had to go through an adjustment. For about 4 days, I retained water like crazy and my BP spiked. But once I got past that, I had a huge visit from the whoosh fairy (5 lbs in one day) and have been losing steadily since. Just keep at it...IT WORKS!

God Bless,

Wed, Apr-03-02, 09:43

Thanks for the reply. I went up about 2lbs and today I am back down to 165 as I started and my stomach feels a bit better - My body did not know how to handle beans and other carbs so it has been quite uncomfertable for days - but it is better today and hope the lose i see today will continue:-) :D