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Fri, Mar-29-02, 09:29
Does anyone eat just very low carb CMeals and whatever they want during the Rmeal - meaning not so stringant about the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 guidelines?

Second - I find the CAD book very user UNFRIENDLY - I just cant get all the correct info since it jumps around from one thing to the other - is there a better book out there or resource to get a better idea of 100% of information needed?


Fri, Mar-29-02, 11:35
Well, I've only been on the plan for a week and a half - and I was on no plan at all prior to that. I've lost about 3 pounds so far. What I have done is just try to at least eat a salad at my reward meal, and then make sure it has protien too. I don't measure it exactly or anything, but I have figured that as long as I am not eating a ton of carbos at the RM and no protien or vegis - I'm OK. Even if I want pancakes, I'd eat a salad with some chicken first. I have noticed that I get full and want to stop eating about 3/4 way thorugh my reward meal. I mentioned that in the thead "feeling full"

At the Comp meals, I was wondering the same thing. I have been eating protien and vegis at those meals religiously. At first I was afraid to add fat, but in the past few days I have been using butter and sour cream and olive oil. One day I had salmon, asparagus and hollandais sauce. But I was wondering if I could eat one of those low carb - 2 carb bars for breakfast since I leave the house at 5:45 am to go work out at the gym. Someone suggested that I not do that, so I've been cooking eggs and vegis instead. Once I have some weightloss behind me, I might experiment with carb counting at the Comp meals.


Fri, Mar-29-02, 15:41
I read and was following CALP long before I read CAD. I think they clarified a lot of things in the second book. I keep my CALP book close at hand and refer to it often. I borrowed CAD from the library and do not plan to buy it.

Libby :wave:

Fri, Mar-29-02, 20:00
:::::getting soapbox out and dusting it off::::


The basic idea behind CAD/CALP is this, do not eat carbohydrates during the Complimentary Meals so you do not have a high insulin release during those times which will help prevent and eliminate the cravings that inevitably follow ingesting carbohydrates. Saving the carbohydrates for the Reward Meal causing your body to only release a greater amount of insulin at one time during the day.

If you start adding carbs to those other 2 meals, you will destroy your own hard work. Most of the low-carb bars tend not to be so low carb when you factor in the unaccounted for sugars and calories.

My suggestion would be to look for ways to prepare breakfast ahead of time as much as possible. There is a great Frittata recipe that is in the forum here or I will email to you that you can prepare ahead of time and pop in the microwave in the morning. They are very adjustable as to the ingredients so you can tailor it to your tastes or change it to avoid boredom.

Grabbing a leftover chicken leg or a ham and cheese roll up is another quick way to get a breakfast in w/o getting the carbs to boot. ::::stepping down off soapbox and putting it away:::

This program WILL work.. it truly does. Just follow it to the letter and you'll have no problems :-)


Sat, Mar-30-02, 17:08
OK, ok, I'm convinced! I will not eat the low carb bars. Besides, I have been finding that cooking something quick in the morning isn't so bad as it sounded. And I really like the eggs I've been eating. Yesterday I had leftover salmon (all I had to do was heat it up) sauteed with spinach and sour cream. It was quick and really delicious! Sure, send me the frittata recipe! rainsimar~yahoo.com



Sat, Mar-30-02, 18:10
The salmon sounds positively delish!! How did you prepare it?? I'll hunt down the link to the Spinach Frittatas and get it to you.

I'm putting together my own cookbook of ideas for LC eating. Everytime I try a new recipe I put it in a folder if we really enjoyed it. If we didn't enjoy it but I think I can tweak it so that we will, I just set it aside for a future try.

I've found a recipe for Scalloped Savoy Cabbage and think we'll try that this week.


P.S. Good for you on the lc bars!!!!

Sat, Mar-30-02, 21:02
How did I prepare it? Well, the other day I had leftover chicken, fresh asparagus and mushrooms, and I decided to stir fry them together with some olive oil, salt, fresh ground pepper and herb d'provence (which I use in about everything), and at the last minute I had this idea to add a couple tablespoons of sour cream...of course it was delicious, and rich. So the next morning I just did the same thing with the spinach and salmon. Now I have been doing that a lot - adding the Sour cream. At first I would just eat salads and meat, but I quickly realized that that would get boring, and I had better come up with other ideas - thus the experiment with the sour cream.

Try it and tell me what you think about it.