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Tue, Dec-09-08, 02:24
Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Cake
(serves 1)

1 lrg egg
50 grams ground almond
2 teaspoons of xylitol (+/- depending on your taste -- I use 1.5 soup spoons)
dash each of cloves and ginger
1/8 tsp cinnamon

Combine in small microwave safe bowl (a regular cereal bowl will do) and microwave (full power) for 1min 30sec. Should be firm.

Place on plate (should come out of the bowl easily). Place a pat of butter on top to coat surface as it melts. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and xylitol.

It's nice and "bready," great for a holiday breakfast treat. It's surprisingly filling, too!

Nutritional Info (according to MyPlan, not counting carbs in xylitol):

Kcal: 467
Carb: 10 (5 net carbs)
Pro: 17
Fat: 42
Fiber: 5

Wed, Dec-10-08, 02:21
The recipe looks great!
I've been looking at using almond meal/flour...
Can't wait to try them!
:) ~Cheryl

Thu, Dec-11-08, 10:58
Here is a picture:


Fri, Jan-30-09, 11:40
just tried this as was fancying something a tad stodgy!

i added low carb maple syrup instead of sweetner and worked perfectly think i microwaved it a bit too long but still tasted great! thanks for this its the 1st low carb recipe i actually like! lol

Tue, Feb-03-09, 23:23
How much is 50 grams in oz or cups?

Wed, Feb-04-09, 10:12
I made this...I cooked mine way too long...I'll try it again. It was good even over cooked. Thanks for the recipe.

Tue, Feb-17-09, 14:51
That sounds yummy! I gotta give it a try!