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Mon, Mar-25-02, 20:03
I am so frusrated with myself. I had been doing so well with the lc and exercising-three weeks with no problems. I felt great. Then I cracked, due to stress I suppose. Now I'm in this guilt cycle. I hate myself for failing once again. I've been eating nothing but junk food for four days. I feel horrible. I feel like a drug addict. I wait till my husband leaves then I start into the cupboards. The carb addiction is so tough to overcome. Part of my problem is learning the skill of self nuturance. I take so much time caring for everyone else in my life (my five kids and hubby) that I feel lost. I don't like the person I've become; I feel ashamed and want to hide. I don't know how to crawl out of this hole I've put myself in.


Tue, Mar-26-02, 08:02
Oh, dear. I know exactly what you mean, I think most of us have been there. On the Atkins website it says if you binge-eat, you should still carry on with the vitamins and exercise and then when you pick up the eating part of the WOL again you won't have to start from scratch.
Just think about it as a minor slip-up and you are now going to be stronger than ever because you have learnt the hard way. You did well before this and it won't take long to get back on the road again.
As Atkins says, "Remind yourself that touching that sugar to your lips is giving yourself the kiss of death!!"
Good luck

Tue, Mar-26-02, 09:28
eat the high protein and regular veggies three times a day, even when you're bingeing. (seasoned dieters tell themselves since they've eaten all this junk, they shouldn't--but that's twisted thinking.) Take the vitamins, drink the water.

The only way to quit a binge is to quit. L-glutamine between meals can help some folks with cravings, but many of us have 2-5 days of having to white knuckle cravings each time we drag ourselves off a binge.

Carbohydrate addiction is a two-horned demon, if you will. the first prong is the hyperinsulinemia/reactive hypoglycemia part--which I think of as more purely the physiology. Once you're in that loop of eating carbs, plummeting blood sugars, cravings, you're in it. All you can do is get out by a force of will. Once you are off carbs for a long period of time, your physiology heals more and more all the time.

The second prong is psychological, though there are plenty of body chemistry processes going on, too. Except for, once again, staying off carbs and letting your brain chemistry heal, there are also approaches you can take that are more therapeutic. Going to OA meetings can be helpful--and work their program with diligence and an eye to the long haul. Or find an eating disorders therapist. Or, do what I do, work daily with self-help books about emotional and binge eating and body image, so that you are steadily moving towards healing your mind and spirit, too.

There is no easy, simply answer to binge eating disorders. Forgiving yourself for this binge and get off ASAP, even though it can be a struggle. And spending years at emotional recovery from addiction or eating disorders is also not easy. But both are worth the effort. You don't want to continue to feel as miserable as you do right now...and there's a way out, a dimly lit path, and one person who can take each step along that path--you.

Drop the guilt. Drop the frustration. They do nothing for you. Later, calmer, you can look back and learn from this time. For now, just move forward.

Tue, Mar-26-02, 09:29
It happens to all of us, especially during and shortly after induction. You are only human and if you really want to lose the weight you need a short term memory. Put it behind you and get back on the wagon. Take it one day at a time and build on it. The more time you invest in yourself, the less likely you are to cheat. Best of luck to you.

Tue, Mar-26-02, 11:20

Try to see how the stress effected you. Then next time it happens you can be prepared and find a Low carb solution, such as a pamper yourself day, a new CD, a low carb treat, or just watching tv. You are not a loser or a failure. Call it a glitch and make today a new day. Make sure your meds and vitamins are being taken. This eases the cravings and stress.
Take Care, Hon. We are with you. :rose:

Tue, Mar-26-02, 17:56
I have been there and done that SOOO many times myself, I know well how you feel :(
I tried sugar busters and PNP but still too many carbs and the cravings never went away.
Now i have cut all the starches and grains right out 100% it is so much easier and i have to keep reminding myself that my will power is BY FAR the strongest before I have one bite.
One bite is both too many and never enough.
You are right when you say it (sugar) is like a drug , thats exactly what it is and it is very addictive.
i used to have heaps of it at times and then feel really strange and lethargic and laze about like a couch potato, it was the carbs nothing else, they are a drug and they are not our friend.

I was doing well last year and then stress hit in a big way and I went off course and it really hit me for a 6. I got very depressed with the overload.
This same 'problem' has come up again and the other day i had to get a serious grip with an easter egg :rolleyes: but I KNEW that wouldnt be the end of it if I ate it, and it sure wouldnt help. it would be just another problem. Its like being an alcoholic.

I know starting again is the hardest part, just do it right now and your'll feel so much better again in no time flat. I promise :D I always have to MAKE myself get going and I hope this time I can stay with it.
The support of this site is wonderful and helps no end :) and also the fact that when we want a little soother pick me up we can have a hot drink with whipped cream in it :p now that feels really decadent.
My best wishes :)

Tue, Mar-26-02, 21:09
I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome support. I felt better just reading your replies. I understand how dangerous one little bite is and that I can't even indulge a little. My body is just too sensitive. Now my goal lies in better stress management. I use food as an emotional crutch in times of stress. I love Dr. Phil McGraw. He says that in order to get rid of a bad habit one must replace it with a good one. So when I feel tempted to reach into the cookie bag, I will fight with all my willpower to turn to one of my alternative destressors. A walk outside in the fresh air, read my favorite book of inspirational thoughts, pray, do yoga, listen to music. Anything to refocus my energy. I refuse to play the victim any longer, its time to put forth action. Again thanks friends!