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Mon, Mar-25-02, 12:52
My husband and I are going to America soon to see my family. This is a wonderful thing, I haven't seen my mum or brother in almost 4 years, and I am so looking forward to it.

However, although being over there doesn't worry me TOO much (my mother is an Atkins-er), the trip (the London to L.A. part) sure does! I phoned American Airlines and asked if they do a low-carbohydrate option for meals, but they do not, so I am rather concerned. The dried-up-roll-and-butter breakfast isn't a problem, but the lunch/evening meal they serve will certainly be. Would a Diabetic option do in the absence of a low-carb meal? I can't see me going without food for 12 hours, and I can't pack enough for a meal in my handbag.

I guess I could always C.A.D. it and treat that as my Reward Meal, but I am trying so hard to stay on plan, as I fear my cravings will come back full force and set the tone for the holiday.

Any suggestions, other than "stay home"? ;)

Thanks a bunch :wave:

Mon, Mar-25-02, 17:37

Why not take a bag of pre-cooked bacon with you. In Marks and Sparks food hall they have packets (small and easy to carry) of pre-cooked bacon strips which are very yummy...its a bit like eating packets of crisps and minimal carbs.

Also - a packet of mini Baby Bel (sp?) cheeses as they are very filling and low carbs and easy to carry too.

In Sainsburys they have smoked salmon pieces cooked in garlic. Very yummy indeed.

If you can possibly carry on a wee pot of cream and ask the stewardesses to fridge it for you that would help the time pass too.

But just think - while you are in the USA you can stock up on Atkins Bars...mmm mmm mmm...

Have a great trip

Best wishes


Mon, Mar-25-02, 18:20
I know what you mean...I am having some anxiety about my upcoming flight (11 hrs).

But...I did the short trip to OZ at Xmas (3hrs) and a dinner was served. I made a deal with DH. He gave me some of the low carb part of his in exchange for the high carb part of mine. That way I got enough to eat.

Taking a few snacks is also a good idea.....remember to eat them before you land though!

Another option if you're really stuck is to compromise. Have some food you normally wouldn't (but don't go made like having a whole load of pasta!) and then do a couple of days at induction type levels when you first arrive. That way you could have the crackers and cheese and a wider range of veges / processed meats.


Tue, Mar-26-02, 01:40
Would a Diabetic option do in the absence of a low-carb meal?

If American Airlines have a Diabetic option that would certainly be better in cutting out some of the pure sugar stuff. Macademia nuts, a very large meal (LC) before you board the plane, lots and lots of water over and above the other suggestions already made.
Take care.

Tue, Mar-26-02, 05:47
I flew to New York last month on British Airways.

I asked for the chicken option rather than the fish or vegetarian option. Not too bad as there was broccoli and snow peas as vegetables( a few small roast potatoes that got left), and a green salad with acceptable dressing.

I thought I was eating sensibly and wondered why I was getting strange looks form the passing steward and the couple from across the aisle. Had I got food on my nose ?

My wife looked at me quizicaly...... "What?" I said.....

"whats up?"..... She whispered in my ear "You are eating neat butter with your plastic knife"......... "Eh?" Then it dawned on me...horror of horrors...what terrible table manners.... so I picked up my spoon and carried on.

Doesn't everybody eat neat butter?

Wed, Mar-27-02, 01:49
LOL rustpot! : how is eating butter with a spoon better manners than eating butter with a knife?

{rustpot: Doesn't everybody eat neat butter?} I do now !
Now that is an interesting thought! I went dancing for a whole day a few weeks back. There was absolutely NOTHING LC available and I felt too reluctant to bring out my packed chicken - so I went for the fat. One nut crossant with 3 blobs of butter. I did get some looks!!

Reminds me of the time (not so long ago) when I used to dish out the same looks at anyone who was "trying to lose weight" and put the slightest bit of butter on their toast.

As for Cravings, Lossiebeth, Chromium is very good - worked for me. Not all multi-vitamin/mineral tablets contain it - find one that has Chromium listed.

Take care.

Thu, Mar-28-02, 05:25
What great replies! Thank you all SO much!

First of all, Marks & Spencer/Sainsbury's: You haven't been to Lossie lately, have you? ;) The nearest M&S is 40 miles, and the nearest Sainsbury's is 70. Still, some good ideas, nevertheless. I like those Baby Bel chesses.

I'll also make sure to take half-a-pound of butter :lol: One problem I am currently having with my DH is the whole "fat is my friend" thing. He is trying *really* hard to understand, and is very supportive, BUT butter is unhealthy. Saturated fat of any kind is unhealthy. These are the things he has heard all his life, now suddenly, his 14st.2 wife is wanting to have double cream in a cup of coffee (not EVERY cup, just maybe one a day, if that), fry chicken in butter, etc.

My theory that I tell him (scientist that I am-NOT) is that when the fat has nothing to stick to (tatties, bread, rice, pasta...) it just slides on through, so no problem. He's trying to get a handle on it, but it is just so strange to him. He HAS gotten into the protein angle, though, so no chance of swapping food with him on the plane. Men! :rolleyes:

Yes, Fiona, I take Chromium; started that on C.A.D. I am sure it is helping; I've just been 2 weeks without ANYthing sweet (barring a Hermeseta in a cup of herbal tea 2 or 3 times) and haven't killed anyone. Still, I miss it :daze:

It looks like a Diabetic meal for me on the plane, then.

Thanks again, yall :wave:

Thu, Mar-28-02, 05:56
It is very difficult to convince someone of the "fat" is good concept if they have not read anything.

I now take the other tack. "Sugar is my enemy". It is easier to understand. Your other half will accept that sugar is 100% carbohydrate and should accept therefore that all carbohydrate is equivalent to sugar.

Cream is milk with the carbs lessened.

The good fats and bad fats are way to difficult to get your head around if you are on the fringe of healthy eating.

By the way ..What to you call a parrot with an umbrella...

Polyunsaturated :D

Thu, Mar-28-02, 06:56
Hi Rustpot- LOL!
Hi Beth- I was just reading another thread here in the forum that's also about airplane food. A few of the members suggested Kosher meal, saying that it's the best possible option. Have u asked the airline if they have that? Have a great trip!
Bebe :wave:

Thu, Mar-28-02, 10:45
Good one, Rustpot! BTW, I hope you won't take offense, but some of the things you say/do, such as:

"fat" is good, eating neat butter with a knife

are a bit scary. If some of my low-fat friends and relations were to hear you, they would think you got your information from a very dark source indeed :devil:

My DH has no problem wth the concept of sugar is bad for me, and carbos are sugar, BUT he still thinks fat is bad too. Still, he is 5'9" and weighs just over 9 stones-what does he know? :D

As for a kosher meal on the plane, Bebe, wouldn't that rule out cream with my coffee? ;)


Thu, Mar-28-02, 11:59
Ok I confess I have lost 35lbs by witchcraft and dark satanic forces.

Witchdoctor Atkins:

" ..The low fat dieting that has been a national fad for so long only aggravates the problem that most overweight people have with carbohydrate. It certainly is not an inteligent way to lose weight"

Witchdoctor Eades:

" fat doesn't make you fat"

" When you don't eat crisps,chips,baked-potatoes,doughnuts,cakes,pastries,biscuits and chocolate you avoid huge amounts of incoming fat, even when you get a moderate amount in lean meats"

" Unless your body fat storage signal has been turned on - i.e., excess dietary carbohydrate has elevated your insulin level- your body can and will use incoming dietary fat as fuel to burn to meet its energy needs ..... BUT if the fat storage system has been turned on by excess insulin driven by too much dietary carbohydrate, the fat coming in via your diet will know right where to go to find a good home"

So to a certain extent your friends are right you cannot eat a diet that is both high in carbohydrate and full of fat. Their diet is more than likely carbohydrate rich. I ate the butter pat on the plane but left the bread roll. Your partner would eat both.
There are more calories in fat than protein and it would be impossible to eat enough without the fat.

But there are good fats and bad fats. You should read "fats that kill fats that heal" by Udo Erasmus. Some health food stores have a leaflet which descibes his main thesis.

The bottom Line is that Olive oil and butter are fine. The fish oils are fine. Some seed oils are fine if they are produced by a cold pressing method.The processed oils should be avoided.
Most processed foods, mass produced ,are made with processed fats. Fats chemically change when heated..for the worse. Your diet now is far mor healthy because you are eating fresh food, fresh vegetables and good fats.

There is about 60-70% fat in my diet but low carbohydrate.
My cholesterol levels are just fine. Do not be intimidated by your friends. For once I am being serious.

Thu, Mar-28-02, 17:16
> crisps, chips, baked-potatoes, doughnuts, cakes, pastries, >biscuits and chocolate

What else is there in life worth eating? Oh yes, neat butter ;)

That was such a great post I have copied it and saved it to my "keepers" file. I must get my beloved to read it. He's not bad, just trying to get his head around something so new-a bit like me :daze:

I had butter tonight (fried a diced chicken breast in it), AND cream in 2 cups of de-caff today. Mechty, that isn't lke me at all, SO unhealthy :lol: I drink enough water to float a boat, and anxiously await what the scales have to say to me tomorrow after my "debauchery".

I must have a look for that leaflet.

This is all SO interesting to me! Thanks for the post.


Fri, Mar-29-02, 12:11
Life has a funny way of turning the tables on one's beliefs.

In my low-fat days some years ago I went to a not-so-remote village in Pakistan. The majority of the people around me were skinny but incredibly strong. I was fascinated by what they ate, having read quite a lot about the longevity and disease free existence of the Hunza people.

Breakfast was fried eggs with paratha. Paratha can be compared to WHOLEgrain (stone ground at point of use) flour pastry with three times the normal amount of ghee (purified butter). Now despite the fat in the paratha itself these people pour a half cup of pure fat on top of their paratha and lick it up as I would a delicacy. The "pour-on" fat was different from the fat used in the cooking. I found it difficult to get proper explanations on what the difference is - lot of folklore and "blind faith" is built into their beliefs.

The first time such a breakfast was put before me - with great pride and joy - I took one look and was sick! Not sure who was more baffled : me or my hosts!

At the time I thought I could NEVER ever eat like that. Now I wonder about some aspects of "education" in the western world!

Take Care

Fri, Mar-29-02, 14:39
Mmmm, let's ALL go! :yum:

Well, much tomy own amazement, i was down a pound today after my :"fat feast" of yesterday. Today I have continued in the same vein, and, guess what? I've not been so hungry. Of course, I expect to be up a stone by the morning ;)

Give me time, I'll learn! :roll:


Sat, Apr-06-02, 01:56
Browsing around I discovered another thread on long-haul trips and thought it might be helpful to link the two together (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37812) . Some very useful tips.

Take care.

Sat, Apr-06-02, 03:48
That other thread was excellent. It sure scared me about the Diabetic Option. Funnily enough, the Atkins website, when I contacted them about it, recommended the Diabetic meal option on the plane. Hmm, maybe I am better not eating airline food at all! :(

I think I'll see if i can get thre Kosher option-that sounds meatier.

We are off to Inverness today. I am going to try and find Macadamia nuts. I know of 2 places that USUALLY have them, but who knows if they will today? I am also looking for some Gjetost (Danish cheese that looks and tastes kind of like peanut butter). I seem to remember it being wildly high fat so it will prally be alright (I'll read the label, I promise-just hope it isn't all in Danish!)! I got some pre-cooked bacon when I was at my pal's early this week (her dad does Atkins so food wasn't a problem) and some Tesco kabanos, which seem to be alright. If I can get macadamia nuts and cheese, I'll be set for the 11.5 hours form London to L.A. whether the airline caters for me or not!

Thanks for al the support :D


Wed, May-01-02, 15:59
We got in from our holiday last night. This morning I weighed myself and was exactly what I weighed the morning I left! O.k. so that is still 3 lbs. up from what I got to before my T.o.M. but WOW! :cheer:

That is the first time I have been back to the U.S. (or on ANY holiday, let's face it!) without gaining weight.

There were three meals where I couldn't stick to Atkins (that place we went to in Chinatown didn't have enough English between ALL their serving staff to tell me what was in stuff!), so I had a C.A.D. meal, but didn't overindulge (only had dessert once, and ice cream on the last night), and went RIGHT back to Atkins immediately.

My mother had gotten in some Atkins bars, and they really helped. I know that some of you don't like them (to be honest, the Advantage bars are NOT the tastiest thing I have ever had), and they ARE expensive, but they were my life saver. I had one for breakfast every day, then we ate out at lunchtime (my relatives DON'T cook). For tea, we each did our own thing, so I'd have meat or cheese, or both, and salad with my favourite brand (Hidden Valley Ranch) of Ranch dressing.

I found Atkins CHOCOLATE bars (called "Endulge") at Trader Joe's so bought a box of them. They are splendid, and as they have no "trigger foods" in them, one was enough. I didn't even have one a day, or even every other day. Even sharing with my mother (she had one every time I did), I brought home 3 or 4 of the box of 15 with me.

I placed a small order to the Atkins site. I ordered a box of chocolate to bring home, though it is cheaper at Trader Joe's, because they were giving out a free box of 15 Advantage bars with EVERY order up until the end of April! :yay:

As I get back into life at home-tuna for breakfast, diner and tea ;) my reliance on such things will lessen, but it is good to have that stuff for now.

BTW, the cream over there is DREADFUL! I bought an 8-oz. carton of what they call HEAVY whipping cream (cost about 1.50), and it was thinner than Single cream! What a letdown!

So, a fine holiday was had by all AND my weight didn't go up. I am a HAPPY camper! :spin: