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Sun, Sep-21-08, 20:06
I needed to make something sweet and chocolate that didn't contain Splenda. It gives me a huge headache. So I made these out of Chocoperfection Bars. They are sweetened with Oligofructose and Erythirtol, both of which are from grain sources and have a glycemic index of 0. 1 bar has 2 grams of net carbs.

makes appx 40 cookies or more depending on size
preheat oven to 300

3 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 1/2 chocoperfection bars (i like the dark one)
1 tsp vanilla
soy flour for dusting

Beat eggwhites with cream of tartar and vanilla until quite stiff
microwave chocoperfection bars until just melted (1 minute)
carefully incorporate slightly cooled chocolate into eggwhite mixture and pipe about 1 tbs size dollops onto well greased and soyflour dusted cookie sheet, flatten out to 2" across and bake in oven for appx 20-30 minutes depending on your oven. They should be set in the middle. Let them cool. They can stick so i scrape them off with a thin metal knife or spatula. Sandwich with real whipped cream and enjoy! They will keep for a few days but make sure you put them between layers of waxed paper as they will stick. I ate these during induction and had no problem.

Sun, Sep-21-08, 20:13
can these be made with cocoa powder somehow?

Sun, Sep-21-08, 20:47
I am sure they can but you would have to use some sort of sweetener. The reason i used the bars was because I can't eat most artificial sweetners. I got the idea for this recipe from one that had cocoa powder and splenda in it. Here is the url for that www.fitnessandfreebies.com/lc/recipe01.html recipe

Mon, Sep-22-08, 20:06
These sounds yummy and easy! What do you mean you ate these during induction? I WISH induction allowed chocolate bars! ;)

Wonder if these would work with Lindt 85% chocolate and more erythritol, hmm...

Thanks for sharing!

Tue, Sep-23-08, 01:51
Well, induction does allow cocoa. And I didn't find anything about oligofructose or erythritol . So i guess it worked for me on induction. I certainly didn't eat the whole batch. Might not work for someone else tho. Sorry if I posted something wrong.