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Fri, Mar-22-02, 21:50
Does anyone use this? Does it really work for controlling blood sugar levels? :wave: :doah:

doreen T
Sat, Mar-23-02, 21:28
hi there Comftnum2,

I see from one of your other posts that you were diagnosed with PCOS, and had been taking Glucophage for a while, but had to stop due to the expense. Are you also diabetic??

Gymnema sylvestre has been used in India for thousands of years to treat diabetes. Indeed, it's been shown in clinical trials that it does lower blood sugar, but it does so gradually over time.

If you are diabetic, you'd be wise to have a health professional's supervision for using this herb, as it can lead to hypoglycemia, especially if you're taking other medications to lower the blood sugar. If you're not diabetic ... studies show that gymnema can lead to increased insulin levels, which you definitely DON'T want if you have PCOS.

Chewing fresh leaves from this herb can block the sweet taste sensation on the tongue, thus reducing cravings for sweets and sugar. However, this property isn't found in the powdered herb or capsules.

Some studies suggest that it may have some effect to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

You can read more about gymnema sylvestre (http://www.healthwell.com/healthnotes/Herb/Gymnema.cfm) at Healthwell.com

Hope this helps :)


Thu, Mar-28-02, 23:32
No I am not really Diabetic, I am Insulin Resistant.
Thanks for all the info. :spin: :wave:

Sat, Sep-06-08, 01:48
I update for new information today
Gymnema is a plant used medicinally in India and Southeast Asia for treatment of “sweet urine” or what we refer to in the West as diabetes or hyperglycemia. Gymnema leaves, whether extracted or infused into a tea, suppress glucose absorption and reduce the sensation of sweetness in foods effects which may deliver important health benefits for individuals who want to reduce blood sugar levels or body weight.

Sat, Sep-06-08, 07:04
I have been using gymnema sylvestre for about 3 months.
It's effect on my glucose level,at this point,is insignificant.
It has destroyed my desire for sweet things and has greatly
lowered my triglycerides.I take one 500 mg gymnema pill
15 minutes before each meal.Bitter Melon does more than
any other herbal product to lower my glucose.

Sat, Sep-06-08, 18:52
I've used gymnema sylvestre for about 2 years. In the beginning, I needed it in combination with other herbs and or medications. Now, I'm using just gymnema sylvestre and it is working just fine.

Gymnema to my knowledge has no known side effects. It does not cause hypoglycemia. Diabetes medicines taken in combination with gymnema might give hypos, but it is not the gymnema...

While only on herbal medicines, including many combinations of herbs with gymnema, I have never had a hypo.

Gymnema sylvestre might cause the pancreas to increase insulin, but only if your pancreas is already not producing enough of it. It won't make you have excess insulin just floating around and causing insulinemia, or that would have been reported years ago as a side effect. I've researched this herb thoroughly and it is probably the safest herb to use to control blood sugar levels.... I don't think it is the most effective herb to use if a person has problems keeping their blood sugars down with diet and exercise, but it has worked for me and will remain a part of what I do to control my diabetes...