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Thu, Mar-21-02, 00:24
Chop up a head of cauliflower and boil it. When the cauliflower is fully cooked, at a couple table spoons of mayo. add celery and salt and pepper if you wish.

Thu, Apr-15-04, 10:58
over the weekend i was volunteered to make a batch of potato salad for a family get-together. i made it, ate some, and then had way too much leftover. last night when i got home i was really craving it, but instead of digging into it i took out the cauli, steamed it for a few minutes, added some mustard, mayo, onions, eggs, dill relsih, and some seasonings. it was out of this world!!! i can't wait til the next bbq so i can have my mom and dad try it--i know they will love it as much as i did!

Thu, Apr-15-04, 12:03
I do the same but:

I use frozen cauliflower, which I steam in the package in the microwave.

I dress it up by adding bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and cumin or chili powder. I sometimes use boiled egg.

Tue, Jun-29-04, 13:11
I'm going to give this a try this coming weekend. :yum:

Wed, Jun-30-04, 08:13
Do you eat it hot or cold ?

Thu, Jul-08-04, 12:15
i like mine warm, but i suppose you could have it cold also

Fri, Jul-09-04, 05:38
I tried this it was really good. It wasn't potato salad, but it wasn't bad. I added a hard boilled egg to the cauliflower, with mayo, dill relish, onion, celery, and a little pimentos. It tasted alot like an egg salad. Which I really like. Thank for yet another great lc recipe to add to my recipe file. :yum: