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Wed, Mar-20-02, 15:48
:confused: :confused:
Does Avandia effect weight loss when LCing? How about Glucophage?
I've brought my overall blood sugar down from 7.9 to 7.4 but its not good enough yet to go off all my meds.
I was just hoping someone had experiences to share.. hopes or failures and how to make this a success.

Wed, Mar-20-02, 21:15
My boyfriend is a diabetic on Glucophage and he's been doing Atkins for the last 3 weeks. We wound up in the ER just the other day because he didn't talk with his doctor about starting this WOE- so his meds were not adjusted. It scared the life out of me- he had eaten breakfast and taken his pills- by 11:30 he was flat on his back. Knowing the drill I hurried to bring him some jelly/honey/hard candy....anything to bring up his sugar. After over an hour of trying I managed to get him out to the car. This has never happened to him before- and the ER doctor said it's because his meds were not altered. Also, he has severe high blood pressure- we were both pleasantly surprised to see it at a near normal range!! So this WOE/WOL DOES help. Just be sure your doctor knows- don't make the mistake we did- it's not fun.

So the orders were for him to cut back on the Glucophage and add some more carb- like a half of english muffin. He is down almost 20 pounds- actually he's doing better then me! He has a lot to reduce and I'm doing everything I can to keep him on this.

Just wanted to share that.

BTW: Good job on bringing your bs down! Is this since you've been on Atkins?

Debi Warne
Fri, Mar-22-02, 15:37
If you'll look around in this area under "Decisions about meds" Doreen gives a lot of good information on glucophage.

this is a link that talks about glucophage.

This will take you to the Avandia site

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Sat, Mar-23-02, 07:03
Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing your story, it doesn't hurt to be reminded what we are dealing with sometimes!!
I admit, I did start the diet w/out going to see my doc first and was about 4 weeks into it before I did see him. But, I did keep VERY close track of my blood sugars and while they went down significantly, they were still a bit on the high side. That is why he has kept me on the glucophage and we've agreed on adding excercise for better control, etc.
I would say most of my changes in my diabetes have come around since I started LCing but we'll have a more accurate test base next time when I have been LCing for the entire time instead of just 4 weeks out of 12. I love what this WOL has done for me though. I actually FEEL like I'm in better control of myself!!

Hey Debi, thanks for the links! Its good info!