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Wed, Jan-03-01, 13:27
I just wanted to let everyone know that there is hope for stuffing lovers like me to still have tasty stuffing for holiday meals (a little late now, I know, but I just discovered the secret). My mother and I are both low-carbers, so we offered to prepare all the food over the holidays, which was a LOT of work, but my waistline is thanking me now. We were concerned about the stuffing that absolutely MUST go with the turkey dinner, so we made stuffing exactly like we always do, only substituting TVP chunks (textured vegetable protein) for the bread. We made it in the oven, but I imagine it would work to stuff the bird with it as well. It was the best stuffing I have ever had! Not just "good enough", but the best! Even my father had some, which is saying something because he usually turns his nose up at our low-carb attempts.

Try it next time, you won't regret it! I but my TVP at Old Fashioned Foods, I imagine it can be bought at many natural foods stores.

Happy New Year!
Laura, Regina, SK

Sat, Jan-06-01, 21:36
Hi, Laura, what a great idea! I just bought some. The brand is Bob's Red Mill, and it's got 7 carbs per 1/4 cup, 4 of which is fibre, so we're looking at 12 carbs per cup. That's for the dry product; I imagine it swells up a lot when you add water.

I wonder what else you can do with it besides stuffing? Any ideas? Bet it would be great as a rice substitute in, say, cabbage rolls or casseroles!


Wed, Nov-28-01, 12:27
Hi Regina! Am a brand new member, and was looking for some recipes using TVP. It seems like a good
"carb bargain" -- and was especially happy to see
that you had used it for stuffing. Could you tell
me exactly how? Like I said, this product is all
new to me, and I haven't got any idea what to do
with it now that I have bought it! Mine is
unflavored, which is all I can buy in Brandon.