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Thu, Mar-07-02, 16:06
Hello. I just started on Atkins (a month ago). Where are the best places in the Ottawa area to find Low Carb foods. I was recently in South Florida and they have this amazing place in West Boca Raton called D'lites, specializing in Low Carb foods. The most delicious cookies with a net of 0 carbs. Milk Chocolate bars with a net of 2.1 carbs. Ice Cream. A Ciniamon loaf of bread with a net of 2 carbs.

Anything like this in Ottaw?


Thu, Mar-07-02, 17:08
Most GNC and Kardish stores carry some LC foods, Howard. Not sure which brands or what kind of selection - I don't use them. I'm sure others will be better able to give you some direction.


Fri, Apr-05-02, 19:58
I'm in Ottawa as well. I've found a good Health Food store near work in Hull/Gatineau that carries some good brands. Try looking into Health stores. GNC tends to be more expensive then other places I find!

Tue, May-14-02, 14:38
Hello, i live in Ottawa and looking for decaf cocoa...i read where this is low carb...any help finding it..thx in advance

Tue, Jun-18-02, 18:30
Hi anyone know if the new carbolite bars are available in Ottawa?
Also looking for chocolate extract...already tried bulk barn with now luck.
as always thx in advance for any help or info

Sun, Jun-23-02, 08:40
Just posted this in another thread, but check out the suppliment store in the Merivale Mall. They have 5 or 6 different flavors of low-carb bars.