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Thu, Mar-07-02, 10:31
I tried this this morning...actually trying for pancakes, but what the heck....I love fried cornbread too.

Cornbread or Ho Cakes


1 egg, separated
1 T sour cream
2 T almonds, ground
salt to taste
If you like sweet cornbread add a little splenda or sugar twin or any
low carb sweetener

Separate the egg. Add 1 T. ground almonds and a little salt to the
white and lightly blend with a fork. Spread the white out on a piece
of parchment paper. Make it pretty thin and microwave the white until
it is crispy...in my microwave about 2 minutes. Let cool a few
minutes to crisp. Grind the cripsy white in a food processor or
coffee grinder.

To the egg yolk add 1 T. sour cream, 1 T ground almonds and the
ground up white of the egg and salt if desired. If you want the
sweetner add it to the mix.

Fry in oil in a skillet...at least that's what I did and I had
a couple of beautiful "ho cakes". I am an ole southern gal
and I really missed my corn bread. This is very close to the real
thing. You could add a little onion or onion powder and I bet it would even make hush puppies. I also believe it would make a good batter to coat fish with before they are fried....I haven't tried that yet.

Thu, Mar-07-02, 12:56
I forgot that I added about 1/4 t. baking powder and a little water to this....sorry. Maybe, I need some brain food!

Wed, May-07-03, 08:12
this sounds interesting. i'm not from the south, but my mom is and that is the food i grew up with, and still love to eat, (before this wol...) i'm gonna try this though ;)