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Thu, Mar-07-02, 04:13

After having been back on Induction (again) for a third week I am now down to 8 and a half stone. My goal is 8 stone and I cant wait to reach it.

I am totally amazed by this way of eating. I have tried everything else and in three weeks, I would be lucky if I had lost one or two lbs but this time I have lost half a stone and it is such a strong motivation to keep on going.

I dont ever get weaknesses for sweet things - my downfall was always chinese food and even though I had cravings last night, I was good. I ordered a mixed chinese seafood and asked for 'no sugar' and they complied. It was delicious and nearly satisfied my 'craving' but certainly filled me up.

Just wanted to share some good news with all of you here and to ask what is the longest that it is safe to stay on induction for and how long do most of you stay on Induction for...?

Only 7 more lbs to go and then I will be at target weight! Hurray :)


Thu, Mar-07-02, 04:45
how did you finally do it-------can you give us examples of your daily intake and portion sizes etc?
I've now been doing this for 3 1/2 weeks------always under 20g carbs and have not lost a thing in weight or inches, actually i've gained 1 pound today!
I'm feeling very demotivated as i feel i'm doing everything right but no results and i really want to lose 1 1/2 stone to get down to a reasonable goal.

Bye the way congratulations----you must be so chuffed.

Thu, Mar-07-02, 08:03
Congratulations on your weight loss.

You ask how long it is same to stay on induction. You have 12 pounds to loose, so a few weeks may be OK, but from what I have read the last 5 or so pounds you should loose more slowly, ie up your carbs gradually, a week or two at each 5g increment, to stop there being a sudden spike of insulin when you increase them a lot. In going up slowly you will get to know what is the general maximum you can have before you start to put on weight again.

Interested to hear about you and your chinese food. I'm going out for a chinese this weekend and know I won't eat rice, and will look carefully at what else I order.

Why not keep a journal of what you eat. That will help others give you advice on food quantities, etc. Do you keep track of your food on Fitday.com? I know it is an American site, but it tells you what your daily calorie requirement is and it may be that you are not eating enough. You need to have a diet about 70% plus and that takes some doing!!! I know a lack of weight loss can be frustrating, mine is only happening very slowly now. Check out a few peoples journals and get a feel for what they are up to.

Thu, Mar-07-02, 09:30
Hi Davinababe and Little Ann

The history of my dieting is as follows:

I started the Somersizing and couldn't keep track of things so switched over to Atkins Induction.

I stayed on Induction for about 10 days and lost 3 or 4 lbs and then went for steak and soup and found that the soup was full of carbs so had to go back to square one again.

Because of the soup, I had a carb-binge and thenwent back to Induction.

So... to answer your question...

This time I have been on Induction for one and a half weeks and I have been eating as follows:

two or three slices of bacon in the morning

a burger with cheese and bacon and salad for lunch

either crispy duck (no pancake or sauce) or chicken or cheese or something like that for dinner.

I have also been substituting my 20g of salad carbs for the occasional diabetic treat such as a toffee (5g) or some chocolate squares 3g each.

I am also drinking whey protein drinks (1g for vanilla and 5g for chocolate)

I have also had the occasional day doing the Fat Fast diet to make sure that the pounds come off.

Its been fairly boring eating-wise but I have found ways of making it more fun with the toffees and chocs (thanks to this site)

As far as ordering chinese food last night goes, I asked if the chef would hold back on the sugars and they told me which sauces already contain sugars and which do not so it made choosing relatively simply. It is as you suspect, most of the plain dishes are sugar free and so I choose a chinese seafood dish and my husband had steamed scallops and chinese seasonal greens and mushrooms with no sugar.

It was yummy but I still miss crispy beef and singapore noodles! However, I enjoy the weight loss even more.

I am still working on changing the shape of my stomach though ... it still looks like I ate a bowling ball.

Only 7 more lbs to go....This weekend I will be able to add five more carbs to begin the OWL part of my Atkins life-style...hmm...wonder what will happen.

Best wishes


Thu, Mar-07-02, 12:06
thanks for the info, i know i'm eating too much food ie calories not carbs----well done again----Davina.

Thu, Mar-07-02, 13:34
Daschnook :cheer:, Davinababe : Little Ann took the words out of my mouth. A journal is a great way to have your own personal record of your own unique individual journey to your goal weight. It also helps figure out why, if you run into difficulties in future. You also get good feedback.

Congratulations Daschnook. I am delighted for you. Well done. :clap:

Take care.