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Wed, Mar-06-02, 10:59
How do you determine your goal weight? Is it a weight that you once felt good at? Is it off of some chart that says "you should weigh this" or is your goal weight not actually a number at all but an ideal that you strive to attain?.....an "I wanna be a size 5 because size 5 sounds so cool"? Is iit a fitness level? What?

Personally, I know I will never weigh what I did BC (before children)........ my lowest AD (after delivery) weight was 125. (betcha never knew the real meaning of BC and AD) I really felt good there but I don't know if I can attain that and maintain it. I was comfortable in the 130-140 range and that is what I am aiming for.

It is interesting to see how different we all are. Sometimes I see someones goal weight and just have to look and see how tall they are. I can't help it.

I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion.
Libby :wave:

Wed, Mar-06-02, 11:12
it is an interesting concept..personally I find those charts way of base..they do not take into account bone structure and natural built. For me the ideal weight would be one that I had once felt comfortable in (although at the time I didn't know it)

Wed, Mar-06-02, 11:32
This is a great question.

Now that I am 31, I know I will never weigh what I did in high school . . . and I don't think I want to.

But while I was in HS, if you ever told me I would weigh 119 lbs, I would have cried!! Interestingly that is my GOAL weight now. I even think that is not quite realistic either. I felt beautiful and fantastic on my wedding day, and I was 123lbs. Unfortunately in the past 10 months since our wedding, I have gained that nasty 7 lbs, and feel disgusting and fat.

I have always been stuck on the # on the scale . . . but now I pretty much consider that if I can wear my clothes comfortably, I feel good. So why do I want to be 119lbs? Its all a mind game . . . some habits die hard!

Edited to say that I changed my profile to reflect a more realistic goal, and the real numbers on my usual scale. Thanks for the eye-opener!!!