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Fri, Mar-01-02, 23:59
Okay guys, I messed up tonight...I went out for a late dinner(my reward meal) with some friends after a stats midterm(evil evil things those midterms are) and made a big boo-boo, we were drinking a bit and I drank past my hour...how much of a slip up is this?

Sat, Mar-02-02, 09:15
Hi Ivory! I am not a fan of alcoholic beverages, but in my reading, I understand that the metabolized alcohol much the way it does carbs...the drinks can trigger an insulin response and a hitch in your program. The great thing about this WOE is that when you do have a "slip", you haven't destroyed everything. Just make the necessary corrections today. You may find that your cravings for carbs are somewhat increased today and you might need extra low carb snacks and protien to get straightened back out. Don't beat yourself up over it...you won't self-destruct or anything! You might want to restrict your alcohol intake to your reward meal hour only. Water with a twist when you're out with friends really isn't that bad!!! Good luck and be well! :wave:

P.S. Watch out for the dreaded snacks at the bar, too! They can be worse than the drinks!!!

Sat, Mar-02-02, 11:18
Thanks, I'm glad to know that its not going to really hurt my progress, and that I'm only probably going to have some increased cravings today. I can handle that.

Thanks for reassuring me that I hadn't destroyed my progress. :D