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Wed, Feb-27-02, 08:25
Hi guys!!

I'm trying CAD ... but just for curiosity ... can anyone give me an outline of what Sommersizing's all about?

Thu, Feb-28-02, 13:38
Basically it's a low carb diet in disguise. It doesn't call for counting carbs at all. The basics are more food-combining rules than anything.

When you eat carbs, you can mix them with veggies, but no protien/fats. (pro/fat is one food group in her book)

When you eat pro/fats, you can mix them with veggies, no carbs.

When you eat fruit, it must be alone, on an empty stomach. You must wait at least 20 minutes after a carb meal to eat fruit, and at least one hour after a fat meal to eat fruit.

No sugars, starches, refined flours, etc. She also has a list of never allowed foods, not very long, but I can't remember them at the moment.

That's about it, really. It's very simple. I combine her plan with Atkins, because I like to keep my carbs between 20-40, even though she doesn't require that you count them.

Hope this helps.

Mon, Sep-16-02, 08:25
Donna how do you combine the 2 programs? :q: I can see how it would work! I have been on Sommersizing since Jan and have done very well but am lately thinking I need to do something to boost my results as they have been very slow of late. I am finding very hard to go any farther. I have been thinking I need a little something to kickstart me again.