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Wed, Oct-10-07, 06:46
since im from denmark i guess it should be called crepes instead but never mind the name.. this is really , really good.. try it out if you love pancakes or crepes..
this will make 3 pancakes app.4 inches in diameter:

1 egg
2 tablespoons heavy cream
1 tablespoon with top wheat protein
if you want them sweet add a litlle sweetner( i only use xylitol for this )

mix together with an electric mixer and bake as you would normally bake your pancakes.. this batter is somewhere between crepe consistency and american pancakes consistency.. if you want it more firm add a litlle more protein powder. if you want it runnier add a litlle bit af water( or cream)

its a bbit mre fragile than normal pancake batter but not as much that i consider it a problem..
i eat mine rolled up with homemade ( lowcarb) jam and sprinkled with xylitol
they are so great
if anyone tries this would you please come back and post what you think..
im trying to figure out if my lowcarb cooking is any good to others:lol:

Wed, Oct-10-07, 15:37
It is so good to see a familiar face - I have not been around in forever! Jill