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Thu, Feb-21-02, 03:38
Hi all,

I am just about to finish my induction (tommorrow), but have noticed in the last few days that i feel that i have eaten too much and as a result feeling bloated.

My diet for the induction period has been the following

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs
Lunchtime - 3 Tandoori Chicken Legs
Dinner - A chicken stir fry with cucumbers.
4Litres of water a day.

Is this to be expected? should I eat less? I have not weighed myself or measured myself, but however i do feel my clothes are much looser than they were before....


Thu, Feb-21-02, 04:29

Sounds like you are following Induction right but are you taking enough supplements and vitamins to help your body eliminate the toxins?

I take several multi-nutrients to help all this along. They are definitely worth paying for.

I take:

Chromium Picolinate to help the sugar craving and metabolise the fat

Advanced Antioxidant Formula to help fight the build of the free radicals that happen as a result of the fat being used and ketosis.

A general vitamin to make sure all bases are covered

B Complex vitamins to help with elimination

Kelp to help improve Thyroid

and Dr Atkins fave vitamin: Maxi Carnitine

These are just some of the vita-nutrients that I take -- they are definitely worth thinking about.

Best wishes


Thu, Feb-21-02, 04:30

Forgot to add that it is important to also make sure you are getting enough Omega 3 and 6.

I know the list is long but it does seem to make an enormous difference to the way you feel on this diet (especially the Induction which I am also on)

Best wishes


Thu, Feb-21-02, 04:49

I've noticed you drink a lot of water :thup: Well done!

Do you drink anything else, like coffee or diet soft drinks? I notice that after having my occasional decaf with cream and canderel I feel bloated.

Another thing, how much fat do you eat? If you go to www.fitday.com you can log in your daily menu and see the breakdown of the amount of proteins, carbs and fat consumed during a day. Fat helps bowel movements, so you'll feel less bloated.


Thu, Feb-21-02, 05:32
I only drink plain water nothing else at all, however i tried drinking flavoured water and discovered that I was not going to toilet as often i do when drinking plain water, so gave that up (hidden carbs I think).

The only fat i eat is what is contained in the chicken, cooking oils and grated cheese every so often. Apart from the bloating feeling, i feel great....i don't miss anything at all, apart from crisps.

After the induction period I will be adding a few more veg into the diet (spinanch,tomatoes,lettuce)

I belive I am taking enough supplements for my needs...

This diet is great and I am finding it very easy to keep up with it!!!!

Cheers for all your help..........

Thu, Feb-21-02, 06:11
Congrats! Looser clothes is always the best sign!

About bloating could that be spices you are using? If you try not to have them for one day and you still continue feeling bloated then it must be something else.

Did you feel like than before you started the diet?

Thu, Feb-21-02, 06:37
I don't ithink it's the spices, because Ive been eating them most of life...I used to feel bloated, when i had too much to eat prior to the diet so I think it is the quantity of food (i think my stomach is shrinking!!!!!!!) im having.

I will try to keep the quantity of food the same but spread it over 5 meals rather than the 3 i currently have and so see how i get on with that....will keep you guys posted.....

Does anybody the how much carbs are contained in jalpenos????


Sun, Feb-24-02, 13:48

May I suggest introducing a little variety to your diet to make it interesting.

As for the carb content of Jalapeno - full information this is the type of detailed information you can get for any item by using the Carb Counter at bottom right hand side - under Quick Links.
Jalapenos are approximately 6g carbs/100g. Spices are quite high in carb-content. Check them out.

Take care.

Mon, Feb-25-02, 02:58

How were the results of your induction period? Were you pleased at the end? Its good not having those cravings?

I think that some of the bloating may go away when you add more low carb veggies into your diet. It lowers the glycemic index and gives your stomach acid more to work on. The fibre is also very good for you. I too would also suggest adding more fat into your diet wether as mayonnaise, olive oil, butter, etc.

Anyway, keep at it and you will succeed.

Little Anne

Mon, Feb-25-02, 06:41

I weight myself before i went on the diet and have not weight myself since then. I have no intention of so doing. The way I measure myself is through the clothes I wear and i am finding that they are feeling a lot more looser and comfortable, so for me this diet is achieving its goals...

I have added veggies to my diet and finding that the bloating feeling is easing so that must be the cause..........

Thanks for all your help...