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Thu, Jun-21-07, 07:31
Hi I'm pretty new here. I started out about a week and a half ago on Atkins...and have since been doing more of a kimkins version of it, but when I got on the scale today I was down a total of 10lbs from my start weight.

The first 5 was water weight, I'm pretty sure. I lost it all at once and then didn't lose more until yesterday when I was down 1 more, and now today 4 more!

I'm so thrilled. 10lbs is a lot. On weight watchers, it would have taken me a month to achieve that (if I acheived it since I had a miserable time trying to lose on that plan). I feel great, and clothes are starting to fit again!!!

I've lost a couple inches around my waist and chest as well, and some in my legs and arms too.

Thu, Jun-21-07, 07:41
Great stuff! well done, keep up the good work x

Thu, Jun-28-07, 14:41
Great job! You are that much closer to your goal.


Thu, Jun-28-07, 18:37
Isn't it fun???? Aren't you pumped up and soaring!!????

This is so wonderful. Make sure you post this on the Kimkins thread!!!
Woohooooo!!!! for you!!!!

Wed, Oct-17-07, 22:37
That's awesome! You're doing great!!! :cheer:

Sun, Nov-04-07, 07:38
Way to go!!!!!! :thup: