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Sat, Feb-09-02, 21:16
Hello. I have a problem that I'm not quite sure how to handle. I am currently Looking to gain som weight because I am on the insulin pump and where I inject the cathitor I need there to be an extra layer of fat (right near my belly button has the most "SKIN" for me :).. if i go too far away from my belly button It is really sensative and i can FEEL every time i bolus. It does BURN. when I have the pump in an area that has more fat I dont have this problem. I think im a little under weight (I weigh 145 and am 5'10") I would like to get more weight around my belly so i have more area's to put them pump.

I have been trying to eat more carbs to gain weight (pizza and stuff like that) but it just makes me feel bad and my sugars high.
If anyone has any ideas on how to gain weight let me know (i know this ant the best place to ask since this is the Low carb form)

Thanks... hope someone has some ideas :)


Thu, Feb-14-02, 02:36
Hi, ZipleR!

I kept an eye on your thread hoping to see a reply, because my friend has the same problem, he also has type I daibetes and wants to put on a bit of weight. I guess in his case it can be achieved through bringing his blood sugar to as normal as possible, so he can increase his lean body mass.

If anyone knows if it's achievable through maintaining low-carb diet please let us know.

Your reply will be much appreciated.

Thank you! :wave:

doreen T
Fri, Feb-15-02, 22:12
hi there,

I searched all over to find information that could be helpful for you, and come up empty :( .. A few message boards at diabetes and insulin pump sites had little to offer as well. All the "experts" could recommend was consulting a nutritionist. I did see several suggestions to have the thyroid function checked, since hypERthyroid can bring about weight and fat loss.

You didn't really say if you've always been thin, or how long you've been diabetic or how long you've been on the pump. The type of insulin may or may not make a difference as well. Insulin itself will lead to weight gain and fat storage for most people, so it may be just a matter of time for you, if you're fairly new.

Working out and building up lean muscle is a good idea, but isn't quite what you need, which is a layer of subcutaneous FAT in which to place the needle for the insulin pump.

Carbohydrates, especially refined carbs, white flour, white rice etc .. is more likely to become triglyceride fat rather than body fat. This isn't a good thing :( . Depending on the carb level your doctor has prescribed, and your insulin dosing .. you're definitely better off choosing vegetables, low-glycemic fruits, whole grains and beans. FAT will be your best friend, I believe. FAT is neutral and has no effect on blood sugar or insulin. Choose olive oil, real butter (NOT margarine poison!) and eat the skin with chicken, eat the fat with your steak. Protein you'll have to experiment with .... since it will affect your blood sugar.

Hope there's something helpful for you,


doreen T
Sat, Feb-16-02, 13:09
Just as a practical note, if you're not already doing so ... be sure to pinch up a good layer of skin & fat (ya, I know you don't have any fat :p) to plunge the needle into, as opposed to stretching the skin taught. The painful bolusing may be due to the catheter not being deep enough, and it's releasing the insulin into the dermis instead of into fat tissue.


Mon, Feb-18-02, 18:32
Thank you very much for the reply Doreen. I have been diabetic for 12 years and on the pump for only 5 months. I have never really gained much weight. Before I was diagnosed I lost alot of my weight, gained back a BUNCH (more then I started with) and now I'm about the same I always have been. I will be going in for a physical in a month or so and I will ask to speak to a Dietician.

As for pinching the skin, I find it difficult to do this because I am using the "Quick-Set Micro" infusion set which is VERY wide!. if I pinch the fat, while the infusion set is being inserted it either hits my hand or does not rest flat against my body.

I am surprised that glucose dose not turn into good fat :)... While trying to gain weight, I also would like to exercise :).. Because when I am not exercising my insulin resistance is very high. I donít like the idea of all that extra insulin floating around in my body. but until I speak with someone who can advise me on how to gain body fat, Iím not going to do TOO much exercising :). heheh.
Once again... thanks... Good Bye..