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Wed, Feb-06-02, 16:37
i was wndering if any one could help me?

i kinda ahd a bad week end and cameout of ketosis, and recently read about the meat fast that helps sometimes if you are stalling. i figured to kick start me back into ketosis, i would go on a meat fast for a couple of days.

it is now wed evening and i am still not in ketosis?! :(

usually if i have a slip up, it does not take longer than 2 days on a diet of around 15-17g carbs to get me back in.(usually high in fat)

could any one clue me in as to y it is taknig me longer to get back in ketosis on a virtually 0g cb diet? is it couls im eating too much protien and not enough fat?

also, is it possible to lose, if you are not in ketosis? coz ithink i am loosing weight (i dont weigh myself, but judging by the way my clothes fit and i also measure my waist and hips)

but my stips are just not turning!!so frustrating!

anyone got any suggestions?? :confused:

Fri, Feb-08-02, 16:11
Check the expiry date on the strips. I had a pack that were just one month short of it and they never seemed to work. The new pack, with about 2 years to go, are fine.
There's no chance they could have got a little damp in the pack? Stored at too high a temperature?
Lastly, it might be necessary to wait more than just a couple of days, if you've had a lot of carbs previously? (I admit this last is just guesswork.)
Also, check if you're losing weight or inches (or even millimetres) and if you are then don't worry about what the sticks do. I think even Atkins said some people never see the colour change but still eventually lose the weight.
Good luck


Fri, Feb-08-02, 18:13
Many people never see any trace of colour on those nasty strips - and that's just what they can be. Nasty. It's not bad enough that we worry over what the scales say but now we have to contend with what colour we can pee!

If you are drinking a lot of water, if you are exercising, if you're testing early in the day your results can be effected - effected toward the negative.

And every time you 'fall off the LC wagon' and try to get back on it can take longer to start burning fat - your body protests because it doesnt know what you're doing and it's not going to trust you.

Meat and Fat fasts are stall and plateau busters - a stall is defined as 6 weeks of no scale loss and no inches lost. And you cannot lose inches and scale weight at the same time. The advice from Zan to take measurements is great advice - you could very well be shrinking and not know it!

Be patient with yourself and give your body the time it needs to do what it has to do. And toss those strips - they arent very good at measuring rate of fat burning; they're work much better at raising your blood pressure :rolleyes:


Sat, Feb-09-02, 01:14
I agree with Nat. My Ketosticks never ever changed colour - but I lost weight nonetheless.

If they work they are very good as a visual guide and emotional motivational tool. At the end of the day it is what you actually eat that is important.

Take Care.