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Tue, Feb-05-02, 20:41
I just started CALP this week. Today was my second day and I love it. I'm not even hungry. I've been reading all the great advice you guys have been posting! Thanks! Hope you can join me here and help me out with comments and ideas :p

B- water (not hungry)
L- chicken, 1C LC veggies (spinach and muchrooms sauteed)
D- humburger with buns, 1C green beans with butter, small bowl of fiber with raisins and skim milk. 1 glass of grapefruit juice.

Treadmill: 1 hour

I should be getting the CALP book any day now! I can't wait to read it from end to end!!

I appreciate any comments, ideas or sharing that you'd like to post here! :D

Tue, Feb-05-02, 21:21
Hi welcome aboard.

This is a great forum and alot of helpful people. I have just recently started Calp as Atkins was just to strick for me. I love knowing I will have a reward meal sometime during the day.

Keep up the good work, I know you will do well.

Have a great week.

BArb :wave:

Tue, Feb-05-02, 22:13
Thank you Barb! Tell me...! When did you start CALP and how much have you lost!? I'll check your journal later on to see what you're eating and to get some ideas for myself! Tell me, tell me more! :D

Wed, Feb-06-02, 10:28
Hey there! Glad to hear you like it Rain! My favorite part of this is being able to eat YUMMY LC during the day and then have a RM at night. I'm currently on a little stall because of some cheats, but this WOE has worked for me before so I know it will start again!

I made the mini-spinach frittatas that I found on this website and they were yummy (I left out the cottage cheese since it isn't allowed on CAD). I'm also into roasted red peppers right now, and last night we went out for Mexican!

Hope you have fun!
-animaldoc :wave:

Thu, Feb-07-02, 00:58
Thank you Animaldoc! I just went to read your journal and see how you were doing. It's so good to hear that so many people are doing well following CALP. I say this because I find it so easy to follow! It's almost like not being on diet! I get to eat bacon and all sorts of good stuff that I love during the day. And then at night I get my RM!

My hardest part right now is mental I think...LOL Some little part of my brain is thinking that this is too easy to be effective...that i'm wasting my time...blah, blah! Grrrr! (LOL!!) So, I'm holding on and hoping my best that I'll be able to show good results like you are guys! Please keep posting! It's so good to read whatever you care to share! :roll:

Thu, Feb-07-02, 05:41
I'm real excited this morning. I'm down to 180 which is my first goal. I've changed my profile to list my next goal of 170.Right now i'm steadily losing 1 1/2 lbs a week and never hungry . i've lost a total of 20 lbs. since 11/20/01. This is the easiest diet i've ever been on. So if you follow the book , you'll lose the weight but if you cheat it only sets you back. I plan in advance my meals and make sure i know what to look for if i'm caught out someplace. Like for instance, YOu can always find a weiner or sausage at a convenience store deli. Wrap in a napkin and throw away the bun and get a bottle of water and munch away.Then when you get home you can have your reward meal. You haven't ruined it with a quick hot dog or hamburger in a bun.Hope this helps . Keep on trying and the weight will go. Wawtigress

Thu, Feb-07-02, 07:19
I too have started the CALP recently. However, I just bought the book yesterday. I was on the Atkins for one month and lost 10 pounds, but heard about the CALP and thought it sounded something I could live with, but.....................my problem is, I am wondering if it really will work, or will I gain my 10 pounds back, I worked so hard to lose on Atkins? I need to lose another 25, at least! I do not need to be gaining or maintaining! :rolleyes:
Am I the only one who has worries about this CALP, being "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?"
A Diet Buddy in TEXAS Confused! :confused:
Jo Ann

Thu, Feb-07-02, 09:08
Don't worry guys-it's good and true!!! I lost 30lbs the first time I did CAD (several years ago) and then kept the weight off for two years until I graduated from vet school. During my internship and residency I stopped using CAD as my WOE/WOL and *surprise* the pounds came back!

Hang in there and you'll see results! Like wawtigress says though, you have to stick to the plan, cheats will make you stall. (I actually cheated on weekends when I was in maintenance and didn't gain any weight back as long as I stuck to it during the week, but that may not work for everyone!)

wawtigress- congrats on meeting your fist goal! :Party:

-animaldoc :wave:

Thu, Feb-07-02, 09:20
You do have to follow the book . It's the easiest thing I have done. But each person has to make up his own mind. No one can do it for them. I didn't regain any weight when I changed and have lost each week. Keep up the info and watch the lbs. go away. Wawtigress

Thu, Feb-07-02, 12:00
Oh guys! You don't have an idea how much I needed to hear your words! ;) Thank you for posting! I've come here every day since I started CALP on Monday, looking for advice and encouragement. Thank you for sahring your thoughts!

I'm trying to hold on tight right now and stick to it...Not because of cravings or wanting to cheat, since like you all say; this is the easiest diet for me too! The thing is that I started Feb. at 132 lbs, then TOM came and I started CALP during that time (not a good idea...I know). Now that TOM is gone, I'm at 135 lbs :mad: So, I'm trying to ignore this and foregt whatever happened during this -window time- (??) and just move ahead. I don't have a problem NOT cheating. I just need to work on "trusting" this diet and know in my heart that it will work. That's why I keep reading your posts, from those who have been in my shoes and have been enjoying success with CALP/CAD.

Wawtigress, thank you for checking my journal. I hope I get the book today so I can be more confident about what I'm doing. Today I wasn't hungry, so I'm skipping breakfast and lunch (maybe not a good idea...but I'm not hungry). In the afternoon I have a BD party to go to with my husband, it'll be like a buffet. I plan to do this my RM, since I remember you saying NOT to skip the RM. If this works for you, it'll work for me!! One way or another!!LOL You betcha! :p

Thank you for visiting my post, please keep posting! :thup:

Thu, Feb-07-02, 19:52
...your stats show you have lost over 40 pounds. May I ask......was it from Atkins for CALP? I lost 10 on the Atkins, and now am trying the CALP......I just hope I don't gain it back with the reward meals.
I too, just got the book. So, I am reading it now and sounds like something I can live with, if it will work? :confused:
I was just wondering how you lost your first 40 pounds?
A diet buddy in TEXAS
Jo Ann

Fri, Feb-08-02, 06:26
hi, this morning , I had a thrill last night. I was walking from the living room to kitchen and my pajamas bottoms slid right down to my knees.That means weight loss. I'm still maintaining my 180 so I'll show a loss this week of a lb or more when I do my averaging. Keep reading the book over and over so you'll know what to do. I take my book and as i read it I underline the very important facts from beginning to the end of the book. Then I can go back and read the highlighted or underlined portions only for a quick refresher. This helps tremendously to keep you on track.Hope these little hints help. And don't expect to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week on any diet to be healthy. More than that on any diet except the initial big loss is unhealthy and you will gain it back.It takes a lot of patience but now I don't even think about the diet except to make out my meals in advance so I won't cheat by not having the right thing in the house.Hope this will help. Wawtigress :roll: :daze: :)

Fri, Feb-08-02, 08:37
I am proud for you Wawtigress! Wish my pj's would fall off of me! LOL LOL
You posting like you do, really helps all of us!
I will report in as I do my journey on the CALP!
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Fri, Feb-08-02, 20:36
Congrt's to all of you on theweight loss!!!
I have been on CALP for 6 months and have steadly lost. My average is 5-6 lbs a month on the long haul. I did haave one month that was basically a stall. I just didn't follow the rules closely eneough. Even then I didn't gain, I just didn't loose. For me this is not a fast plan but these numbers are healthy. Hope this works for you!!! I'm sure if there has been a mistake possible to make, I've been there done that and survived.

My best piece of advice is "drink your water!!"and average your weight or the scales will drive you crazy. :daze:

Fri, Feb-08-02, 23:11
Hi Cogin! Thank you for posting. It's good to know that you too, are having such good results! I'll be very happy if I can lose 5 pounds a month :cool: Especially because of the lack of cravings and the freedom I feel I have with this WOE (it's wonderful!)

Wawtigress! That was funny! LOL! Me too! I wish my pj's can soon fall down like yours! :D Isn't that wonderful!

JoAnn, to answer your question, I lost 30 pounds doing low calorie/low fat. The cravings were really driving me totally insane! So I started experimenting with low carb diets, but without making a commitment to any in particular. I finally decided to do CALP and started it this week. I've been reading about many people having great success with it. I got the book yesterday and read it all as I was taking notes to review them later. I'm VERY excited! Today I was able to use the next little hole in my belt! :) It's not like the pj's story from Wawtigress! LOL But it still puts a smile on my face! :D

Sat, Feb-09-02, 09:02
I usually do the low fat way, but I do get so hungry. :-(( I am going to really, really try to do the CALP. I am hoping my blood tests will not go bad on me, by doing this WOE?
If this doesn't work.....then I will have to go back to the low fat way and starve, I suppose? :(
A Diet Buddy in TEXAS
Jo Ann

Sat, Feb-09-02, 21:50
Oh Jo Ann, I hope this works for you! I've done the low fat, and even though it does work...like you say, one has to starve in order to see results... :(

You know? I'm starting to feel lighter... :confused: And yesterday I was able to use the next little hole of my belt! :thup: so my waist is coming back! I'll be so happy if I do lose with CALP! It's so easy for me!

I'm also taking some of the odorless garlic pills, because I tend to have high cholesterol. I'm going for blood work this month on the 18...Let's see what happens. :)

How many days do you have so far in CALP? Is it a week yet?

Sat, Feb-09-02, 23:57
Wawtigress, I was thinking about you yesterday. You posted that it was RAINing where you are. I noticed you're in Florida! I've been there a couple of times and I loved it! I live in NY and winter is no fun here! ( at least from my point of view-LOL) Still, with the cold and all, today we managed to go to the beach and took our dog for a nice walk. It was COLD! but sunny and very pretty! And I'm always ready to go walking! :p

By the way! I finally got the book and read it all in one sitting! I also took notes...Noticed about a couple of things I was doing that don't help my case...Like drinking flavored water for example. I wasn't aware of the MSG connection either. I've been off caffeine for a while, so I'm ok in that department. I'm very positive about CALP. I also get very excited reading about your success because I feel that if you can do it, it'll probably happen for me too! :roll:

Come and visit! :wave:

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :spin:

Sun, Feb-10-02, 00:30
In the book, when it says you can have up to 2 TB daily of half'n'half in one cup of coffee, does that mean only ONE cup of coffee per day? I usually drink 2-3 cups daily and put Equal and half'n'half in all of them.

What do?

Sun, Feb-10-02, 05:55
don't do it. The books says 2 ozs a day. It says that in the list of crave reducing foods. (half and half, that is).So it is very important to keep going over the book until you know it without thinking if you want the diet to work. Any diet for that matter. Hope this answers your question. Wawtigress

Sun, Feb-10-02, 21:43
Hi Hestia! Thank you for coming by! about your question I'd agree with Wawtigress. Besides, she's been doing this CALP diet for a while and losing like a champion! :p I do remember one thing about Equal or any AS (artificial sweetner), only because I used them all the time. The book talks about this. They say that any artificial sweetner should be avoided at any time other than the RM, unless you're losing too much (over 2 lbs a week). They say that this slows down the weight loss for most people :( I had "trained" myself to drink my coffee black (believe it or not!LOL), and also decaf (the book talks about caffeine too).

I was drinking a lot of flavored water. I thought that because it had no ceffeine it was ok. Well, the book talks about AS and now I have stopped that. I drink it only during my RM. They say that anything "sweet" (sugar or not) can be interpreted by our body as sugar... :mad: Hope this helps. :daze:

Tue, Feb-12-02, 20:34

Thanks for the good advice. And you, too, Wawtigress. I haven't given up my coffee in the morning, but I have measured out the 2 TB of half'n'half, usually splitting it between two cups of coffee. And Equal. I use 2 packets of Equal and it seems not to matter a bit. I will certainly watch for signs of "sugar shock" as I go. I, believe you me, I know the signs. That's the only sweetener, artificial or otherwise, that I use. I drink tea straight up and am not a big fan of diet drinks of any sort. I will have a Diet 7-Up now and then.

I'm only 3 or 4 days into CALP so it's all still very odd. It is a solid relief to eat a meal and not have to worry quite so much about it. I am eating alot of salad, I must say. And I always drink alot of water. As I said, this is still uncharted territory and I'm not comfortable with it.

Thank you again!


Wed, Feb-13-02, 22:33
I know what you mean Hestia. This is my second week and I'm just getting used to it...It felt very strange for me to do the low carb all day and then be able to eat carbs at the RM. I'm still very curious to see what results I'll get. For that reason I keep reading the book like Wawtigress said. I also read a lot of journals of those who have done well with this diet and take mental notes as I read and re-read...

I feel like if this is taking forever! But in reality it is only my second week...So, it's just me being impatient! LOL

I try to look at it as a "month achievement"...I picture myself losing 4 or 5 pounds per month and that keeps me on track and gives me the patience to deal with it day by day... :cool:

Thu, Feb-14-02, 06:01
The artificial sweetner is one of the options. It doesn't seem to bother me so I use occassionally art. sweetners. I read Rain that you still have cravings. You may have to choose the GTF chromium the book talks about. But also these take a few days to go away. I have no cravings at all. Also when I read your journal, you said lunch-none but then you listed salami then your dinner. How long before dinner did you eat the salami. If it was 1/2-1hr prior then you probably released insulin and started your dinner hour when made it go past. Also you listed a roll with the sandwich and also a bowl of cereal. This may have been to much in the starch department. Remember the roll and the cereal would have to be equal to the protein and veggie you eat. I would have left off one or the other and chose a small light dessert instead.You have to be very careful with the white starch department. It can be a diet killer. Hope this helps. Wawtigress

Thu, Feb-14-02, 06:28
Well............I have had 2 bad days! I got discouraged over the scales showing I had gained..............so now I don't have anyone, except myself, to blame for the "SCREW UP" these past couple of days.
Can anyone tell me, when you mess up like I did on the CALP.............should I begin an Induction again, or does the CALP not have an induction? Help! :confused:
Hope to hear from you guys soon! :p
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Thu, Feb-14-02, 09:18
the best thing to do is get right back on and keep going.

I, myself had a slip up last weekend. It's taken me until today to get back to my Saturday morning weight. But, I am there again; and it feels GREAT!!!

I also learned from my error and I hope to not let it happen again. The key is to not beat yourself up and to let yesterday stay in the past.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life; and you CAN make every day a new beginning.

:wave: :wave: :wave:

Thu, Feb-14-02, 10:22
..............You are so right about not fretting over the mistakes, but to be sure to learn from them! That is what I plan to do!

Scotty , thanks for the encouragement!

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Thu, Feb-14-02, 13:22
Thank you all for posting here! It helps me to read and see how you guys are doing! Thank you Wawtigress for taking the time to look at my journal. I see your point and you're right. I need to be more careful with keeping my carbs at "1/3"!!! during my RM. About the salami, I'll remember that too. I think it was like an hour before dinner, I had a few thin slices just to carry me over while I was getting dinner ready. I thought that being just protein, no carbs, it'd be ok. I agree with you and I'll be careful not to do that again.

My cravings are only at night. Last night for example, I wen to bed very late (2am) and by then I was so hungry! I was sure I had to be lighter today because I could've eaten real food, I mean, I wasn't craving sweets anymore, I was hungry for meat and greens! (haha! what a concept!) But I resisted and just finished what I was doing and went to bed. The scale was still the same this morning. I imagine it'll go down later on, at "some point." :daze: I know I need to be patient and STICK to it! And keep going learning to get the hang of it...

Thank you Waw for you advise and for taking the time to look at what I'm doing! ;)

And thank you to everyone else for posting! :spin:

Thu, Feb-14-02, 14:31
Joanne , like Scotty said "Get back on the horse and try again. " But try to stick to the plan , the weight will come off faster. i must admit this is the first diet I have been no and didn't cheat. i made a commitment to myself that I would do it this time and not fall off the horse. Scotty , thanks so much for your input . It really helps when other people respong. And Rain, the one hour was to close to dinner and proteins do count. That started your dinner meal. If it had been several hours earllier ,say for lunch ,no problem.Remember the insulin factor. I have been working in my flower beds all day and I'm exhausted.My daughter Samtigress just sent me a message. Her husband rented a plane and flew her to Tangiers a little island in the Chesapeake Bay for Valentines Day. She was thrilled. Another thought on weight. I weigh say 180 for 4 maybe 5 days then drop to 179 for a couple days for a 1 lb or more loss for week. So don't be discouraged if weight remains same for several days. This happens. Now if a t the end of the week no change then you must be doing some thing wrong. Hope this helps. Wawtigress

Thu, Feb-14-02, 16:00
I sure don't want to beat things to death...so please don't take this as a criticism....it's meant to help all of us learn from each other. :roll:

The salami 30-60 minutes before dinner is out because it can release insulin. But, how long; or really how short of a time constitutes time "between" meals. I believe that is supposed to be 90 minutes. So, if you have skipped a meal, and you are hungry; have that snack....just make sure there is enough time between that and dinner.

And, on to that 60 minute meal. I can't remember where I read this...it may have been somewhere on this site :D ...but, in any event, I read this recently:

When you have that 60 minute meal; you need to eat everything as one continuous meal. If you stop eating for 5 minutes and then start again (like taking a 10-15 minute break before dessert); you may be fooling your stomach and you may release more insulin. So, yes you can take your time; you do have 60 minutes....but....don't wharf down your dinner in 10 minutes and then think you can come back in 30 minutes to have dessert.

Fri, Feb-15-02, 04:51
Wow Scotty! Thank you for that tip! I guess I need to go back and re-read the book, I missed that one! It made me think of last week when I went to a BD party. I had my meal and there was a window of like 10 or 15 minutes before I got the cake. I ate it thinking that since I was within the hour mark that I was ok (!!) Maybe that's why the scale's still the same! I still need to get the hang of this and do it right from beginning to end!!

I've noticed that it's been hard for me to keep the carbs down to ony 1/3 at the RM. Like Wawtigress said, that will slow the weight loss. So, I'm still working on a few details here I guess.

I'm glad you're all posting. It really helps to read, and re-read about all this!

Wow Wawtigress! Sam must be sooooo happy with her Valentine's present! Hope she had an incredibly beautiful (and romantic) time! :)

Fri, Feb-15-02, 05:01

Fri, Feb-15-02, 05:22
I haven't found that in the book I have, I need to go and check again. But Cris, if you think about it...it makes sense... :( If the body "thinks" that we're done with the meal and release insuline, then when we eat our dessert, it makes sense that this would produce a "second" release of insuline (since we took a 10 minute break...)

I know, it's one more thing to watch out for! :rolleyes: Even then, it's still easier for me to follow this WOE than any other diet so far. Now I just need to see the scale moving down and we're on business! LOL :D

Fri, Feb-15-02, 06:00


Fri, Feb-15-02, 06:27
I knew I had seen "somewhere" about not stopping your Reward Meal for more than 5 minutes; but I couldn't remember where.

I found it again. There is a Yahoo Group website called MyCAFriends. In their FAQ's, is where they make this recommendation.

Chris, the Heller's do not recommend using the low carb bars. They have a "sweet taste", and on the CALP philosophy, whether it's sugar or artificial sugar; our body recognizes the sweet taste and releases insulin. It takes planning; maybe having some hard boiled eggs, or precooked bacon that you just reheat in the microwave would help with breakfast?

Also, don't be depressed. You mention eating dinner until you are full, then coming back for dessert. FWIW, I myself had a little trouble the first few weeks. Not taking the break between dinner and dessert; but, overall, I was eating too large of a RW meal. I have since learned to eat a little less, have dessert immediately after I "clean my plate"; and I fill "satisfied" but not "stuffed" when I finish my dessert. :D

It really is great to be able to have "anything" to eat on any given day. But, as always, there is a catch. The proportions and timing are important.

Overall though, I'd much rather learn the time and proportion than to think that I "can't have" so many of the foods that I love.

Fri, Feb-15-02, 20:41
Thank you Scotty for sharing all these good tips! In answer to your question Cris; no, unfortunately I didn't lose my weight on Atkins or CALP. I lost 30 pounds with low calorie and low fat, but I was going -simply insane- doing this! Then, the rest (10 lbs, more or less), I've lost them doing a sort of low carbing...

I started CALP two weeks ago...I'm hanging in by a thread...the scale is not moving, I know I've made some mistakes and that's probably why...Also, I haven't been exercising like I was before...so that's another reason...I'm not having a good day today, I feel like if I'm stuck. Still, I said I'll give CALP a whole month and I will, maybe by then I've got the hang of it and I may start to see results.

I hope I too, like Scotty, may be able to find my home in CALP...

Thank you for reading and posting! :thup:

Sat, Feb-16-02, 06:41

Sat, Feb-16-02, 07:33

Jo Ann struggling in TEXAS :wave:

Sat, Feb-16-02, 12:20
I am a CALSP believer. I started the program in Oct. of 1999 and had the most amazing success with it. Fourteen or so months later I allowed my addiction to get the best of me and have floundered for months now. It is my intention to tackle this issue in my life again and I am hoping that with the support of people out there ( like you and all these other great folks) I can succeed and maintain the lifestyle. Good luck to you. Enjoy it. The food is great...you'll feel better than you ever have...see you around! :wave:

Sat, Feb-16-02, 12:29
Gosh...wish I had read the other posts thoroughly!!! ;) When I started the CALSP, I weighed 230. Nine months later I weighed 137. It was incredible!!! I do believe, that if you ARE IN FACT suffering from hyperinsulemia as described the in the book, and you follow the program, you cannot fail. There is no question that I have a physiological addiction and powerful reaction to carb-rich foods. This program was my only solution. My failure on the program was MY OWN doing. I think there were a lot of emotional issues I was not dealing with that needed to be addressed along with the weight loss. Also, I know this you hate to hear this, TRY not to focus on the weight. Focus on how much energy you have...how much more clearly you can think...how much better you feel when you are controlling those crazy insulin floods. The weight loss will take care of itself. You won't even have to think about that part. Trust me...I know these truths to be self-evident!!! LOL!!! Take care folks and look me up around the forums! :wave:

Sat, Feb-16-02, 13:05
So good to read your post and know there is HOPE for me on this CALP way of eating. This is new to me..........although I have been on every diet you can mention, but this one is very new to me.

I was having a problem thinking that anyone could lose on eating a reward meal....................however, I see you and others are doing it. So, I plan to keep "on trucking" as we say here in TEXAS. :D

Wish me luck! And good to have you aboard this CALP forum!!!!!!!! Hope to hear from you again soon!

JoAnnAtkin struggling in TEXAS :wave:

Sat, Feb-16-02, 19:52
No problem JoAnn, I started low calorie on Jan 25, 2001 at 175 -I followed this diet up to July first when I was then at 136 lbs. So, I guess it was more like almost 40 pounds...not 30...

On July 1st I started Atkins and gave it a whole month, but I lost only 1 pound, even though I kept the carbs way under 20. (Maybe I was too high in calories?)

I still kept doing low carbing after that, just with more vegetables and not counting how many carbs exactly like before. In Octuber I was down to 125 lbs , but since then, I've been losing and gaining the same 10 pounds...and it's driving me crazy!

Thank you Offdawagon for your inspiring post. I'm at the end of my rope...Yesterday the scale went up THREE pounds...I CAN'T afford this! I'm suppossed to be losing...Maybe I'm not doing it right, but still, for whatever reason, I feel I need to reconsider what i'm doing! I'm very depressed and confused right now...I'm thinking of maybe going back to counting calories...As much as I hate it (!!!) it seems to be the one thing that has workd for me in the past...Maybe after I reach my goal I can do low carb to maintain... :( I'm very confused right now...not to mention sad, sad, sad...! :(

Sat, Feb-16-02, 20:03
..........I do know how you feel. However, I think it might be that you don't have a whole lot to lose.........and your body is so use to that low fat WOE. That could be the problem. I feel this CALP has to be a slower loss program, but what a wonderful program if would be if it will work. :D Don't you agree, Rain? :q:

I have got to get back on program with the CALP and be really true to myself about it. I hope you do the same............as I know how hard the low fat is and how hard it is to keep the weight off doing the low fat maintaince! STARVE TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( LOL LOL

I am dragging the book back ( CALP) out and reading it somemore. Maybe that will get me in a CALP frame of mine! :confused:

Rain, I am here for you to VENT if you need to.

JoAnnAtkin Strugglin in TEXAS :wave:

Sun, Feb-17-02, 09:28
I think the success and the progress of CALP depends on the degree of addiction you're dealing with. I have never looked at this as a weight loss program. It is a method of correcting a verifiable condition that prevents the body from using and responding correctly to carbs and insulin. If you took the quiz on page 39, it's very telling. The only one I answered no to was #13 ( the phrase "There but by the grace of God go I" comes to mind) so I qualify as "strongly addicted". Total understatement. I think that is why I felt so good so quickly when I began the program. Off the program, I literally feel like I am diseased in some way. Absolutely dysfunctional. I'm also sure that's why my weight loss was so dramatic. When I corrected the imbalance, the weight loss was a natural occurance. Try to look at the weight as merely a symptom, and be glad each day that you FEEL better. In a few months, you'll pass by a mirror, catch an inadvertant glance, and say, "Oh, my gosh...is that really ME?"
Hugs!!! :bhug:

Sun, Feb-17-02, 11:04
Thanks so much for your help! I persoanlly, took the test, and I don't think I am that addicted to carbs. My problem is..........if I get down, I eat..........if I get happy, I eat..............for whatever reason, I eat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing in particular........just FOOD!!!

I must deal with WHY I use food for my uppers and downers!

I would like for the CALP to work for me.........as it sounds like something I can live with. However, I know the low fat/works..........I just hate to go hungry for it to work! You know what I mean? LOL

I have to decide what I need to do............I would love for the CALP to work and I will keep trying until I see I am gaining all of my weight back!

Thanks again for your help!
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Sun, Feb-17-02, 11:17
Hang in there you guys! Rain and JoAnne, this WOE does work, but it may take a bit to start the scale in that downward spiral! When I read the CAD they tell you to do the WOE for two weeks and then see how your second week's average compares to the first. In my mind I tell myself there's a two week "induction" and I shouldn't expect to lose a lot during the first two weeks (or the two weeks after I cheat!). I lost 40lbs the first time I did this WOE, and then fell off the wagon. Now I'm making it my WOL, so I know that the pounds will come off.

Just keep enjoying your RM within the guidelines, compare your weekly averages, and remember-we didn't gain our weight overnight! :D

-animaldoc :wave:

Sun, Feb-17-02, 12:19
.............I am planning on 'HANING IN THERE" for at least another month or so. It could be .................maybe not everyone can lose on low carbing? Especially, after doing low fat/ low calorie most of my life! :rolleyes:

Thanks for you suggestions and help!
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 09:01
I want you to know that I really enjoy reading your posts. Smart lady, good sense of humor! You're already half way to your answer...you know it's more of an emotional issue than a physiological one for you. I, too, am an emotional eater, but my carb addiction is sooooooo strong. When I am actively controlling the insulin levels the temptation is not as powerful, but always there. Kind of like AA...one day at a time. Food is our booze.

Good luck and keep in touch!!

Mon, Feb-18-02, 09:27
.........thank for your encouragement! I don't plan to give up.........just swithing gears at this time. I think everyone must find their "nitch" in order what will work best with their bodies.

One thing I discovered is.........I read in one of the Atkins' older books and it said that taking hypertenison medication / diuretic, can cause a problem in losing on the low carb way of eating. I do take that medication, and that could very well be my problem?

Since I just spent $75.00 on low carb groceries............I plan to give it one more STAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL And I hope it will work. If not, then I must resort to the low fat/low calorie, as I cannot get off of my hypertension medication. My blood pressure is hereditary and not from what I eat.

I will still be posting and hope to continue to hear from all of you low carbers! We are all here to help each other, no matter, what diet we are following! Right?

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 10:59
I think you're absolutely right...It's not about your plan. This is support for everyone. There is a strong possibility that your meds are affecting your weight loss with the CALP. There are many meds that can spike insulin levels...ibuprofen, aspirin, any of NSAIDs. Medications for blood pressure are notorious, as are some anti-depressants. You're right...you need your meds, so you have to be patient and let your body do the adjusting. As I said in the last post, you sound like you're really thinking this through and I'm sure you're going to find the right combination. Before I started my program 2 years ago, I had been told I was beginning to borderline w/ my BP. Of course, the doc said, "If you'd lose some weight, it would come down." It was 130/90. Two weeks after I started the program, I stopped by the office. I had lost about 4 lbs., and when they took my BP, it was down to 114/68 (normal for me)!!! I knew 4 pounds out of my 230 couldn't have been causing my pressure to rise, so I assume and still believe it was the excessive insulin weaving its way through my body and affecting everything. The doc that was pretty interesting. Talk to you again soon!!! :wave:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 11:22
About 8 yrs. ago, I had lost all the weight I needed to lose, and was walking 4 miles a day.........and my blood pressure was still up. So, it is most definitely hereditary. So, I have to have the medication, regardless of what diet I do.

I have lost before on the Atkins, with hypertension meds.......however, I don't know if it was a diurectic included at that time or not?

So, my plan is to do the Atkins Induction again and go from there and see how I do.

I will use the CALP to maintain my weight when I get this AWFUL 30 pounds back off.

And you are right.............I do need to exercise regardless of what program. The weather here in TEXAS is getting a lot better, and I will do my best to start walking!

Thanks for the encouragement!
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 11:38
It's freezing here in SW Virginia!!! I won't be going outside until at least the end of April! I am so envious of anyone enjoying anything above 60F...LOL!!!! :sunny:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 16:08
I agree! You JoAnn are pretty lucky to have that nice weather! It's so cold here in NY! Like Offdawagon says, I don't think I'll be going out any time soon! LOL

I thought your posts were pretty interesting. Also, I can't agree more about the fact that we're here to support each other, reagrdless of what plan we follow.

So, I see that you're back on Atkins JoAnn, good luck and let me know how that works for you! I've gotten used to coming here and reading your posts! :p I'm not following any diet since yesterday. Just being careful with what I eat. My throat hurts pretty badly so I'm not eating much either and need to recup before anything else...I feel more at peace today...The scale has gone back down to 132 lbs, this is the weight I started February with, so i'm back to the starting line. Maybe I'll still get to lose some pounds this month.

(Yesterday and today, I've been fasting because of my throat-very difficult to swallow food right now. I've been drinking hot liquids and juice, and I think that's why the scale moved back down. Still, I'll take it! LOL)

Mon, Feb-18-02, 16:22
Hope you feel better soon! :there:

Mon, Feb-18-02, 16:29
Rain..........I sure hope you get well soon! Hey, I am with you, I will take a loss anyway I can get it! Good for you! :clap:

Yes, I am doing the Atkins. I hope I can see a few pounds lost in the next couple of weeks! Getting anxious! :hyper:

Rain ............hang in there and hopefully, it will work for you!

Jo Ann in Beautiful Weather in TEXAS :wave:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 17:04
Hi Everyone :wave: ,
I recently changed from the Atkin's to CALP. But I'm worried about not being in BDK. How do I continue to lose weight without it :confused:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 18:30
Hey everyone,
Whats all the excitement about :q: :exclm: What is CALP :q: I have never heard of it. Please, someone, tell me all about it. The Atkins diet is good and you will lose weight but it is very strict. Is CALP better :q:
Someone answer soon :exclm:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 18:55
Hey Mimami4 :wave: ,
I just switched from Atkin's to CALP. It's neat to get a reward meal once a day. :yum: , makes life a little more interesting. However I will not know about it's effectiveness until I weigh at my Naturalpath's office. I feel like I am continuing to lose, but I'm not sure. I only switched over a week ago :hyper:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 20:54
But what is it nwkidintwn :q: What type of diet is it :q: Whats the name of the book everyone is talking about :q: Whats the concept :q: Please someone tell me :confused: Atkins is strict :exclm: If I can switch to something not so strict, someone tell me :exclm: :roll:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 20:58
or ANY other diet without fully knowing the facts of how it works first!

CALP has to do with decreasing insuling release. You eat LC two meals a day, and have a balanced RW (Reward Meal) once a day. But, it's not as easy as that.

nwkidintwn, you ask about not being in BDK on CALP. Don't know that term...is it ketosis? If so, CALP does not work using ketosis.

mimami4, to learn more about CALP; look on the right side of your screen and click on "which low-carb plan is right for me". You can find info there to tell you if you are interested in trying CALP.

Then, if you are interested.....you really should go out and buy the book: Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program.

You can get a lot of great information on the net about this and other lc diets. But, I dont' think anyone following any of the programs that is successfully losing weight would recommend that you do it without reading the book for that plan and fully understanding how the diet/wol is supposed to work, and if it is really for you.

Good luck in your quest; keep us posted on what you decide.

:wave: :roll: :wave:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 21:32
Thanks for the input Scottty!! I needed to know something. I was trying to get ahold of the book on this diet but I did not know the title. Believe me I won't start this diet unless I read something on it :D
I am doing good with Atkins but it is very strict.
Thanks for the title. :roll:

Sat, Feb-23-02, 21:40
:) Hey mimami4: :wave:
Here is your answere... CALP stands for Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Plan by Dr's Heller and Heller. The idea is that you follow the basic low carb plan except for 1 hr a day. In this hour you eat what is called a reward meal. To understand the concept you really should read one of their books. You can check one out at your local library. That is what I usually do. Then if I like the book I go buy it. Saves me lots of $$$$. It is a way of low carbing it with a little leeway. GOOD LUCK :exclm: :exclm:

Sun, Feb-24-02, 05:19
All I know is CALP is working for me. I read the book also CAD and the Healthy for Life by the Hellers and I'm following what the book says and after averaging my weight for this week, I've lost 3.2 lbs. I feel great and recommend anyone that wants to change diets to read first. If you don't , it won't work because you won't do it right. hope this helps. wawtigress

Sun, Feb-24-02, 07:43
I am so happy that the CALP works for Wawtigress, and others, as for me I had been on Atkins for about 5 weeks, and lost 8 pounds, then I followed the CALP for a month, as the book instructed, and I only lost 1 pound!!!!!!! :-(( So, for me the CALP would have to be a maintainence diet!

I think it just depend on your motabolism, if this diet will work, and I guess my motabolism is shot to heck and back! :D

I wish all of you guys switching from the Atkins to the CALP great success!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be cheering you on! :cheer:

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Sun, Feb-24-02, 12:07
Happy Sunday Out there :angel: ,
I've been CALPing it for a week or so now. And eating my reward meal for breakfast. And guess what!!! Last night I used a keto stick just for kicks and I was in TRACE KETOSIS! :daze: I don't know, maybe it was a fluke but I'm gonna check again tonight. Wish me luck!

Mon, Feb-25-02, 07:02

I've been doing the CALP for a week now and it feels good.
None of the lethargy I got with Atkins and I feel a lot more positive. I've been having the reward meal for breakfast and although I haven't weighed myself I feel slimmer (that's half the battle right?)
I lost 8lbs with Atkins put they went back on after one month of following it closely - I think I ate too many calories.
Anyway, I shall monitor my progress and let you know how I get on..
It's nice to see I have company along the way!!!

Mon, Feb-25-02, 09:04
Hello all,
Madferret, i thought i was the only one feeling lethargic. Dr Atkins talks about feeling good and having energy but I never did get energy and sometimes I became moody.
I don't know exactly how this CALP works or what the meal plans are. I am looking for the book now. What is the plan?

Mon, Feb-25-02, 09:08
Hello again,
I just scrolled up and saw everyone's replies. I'll check the book out and for now I'll stick with Atkins until I know more about this diet.
Thanks all,

Mon, Feb-25-02, 09:12
Basically you need to read the book by the 'Hellers' buy it from Amazon.com. But the main points of the plan are that you have 2 very low carb meals (i suggest less than 5carbs per meal) and then one reward meal which MUST be finished within 60 minutes. This meal must contain EQUAL portions of Veg, Protein and carbs and yes, you can have a dessert as long as this fits in with the carb proportions of this meal.
I'm loving it so far although i'm not sure how much i've lost. I'm going to give it a while before I jump on the scales. I have tons more energy and feel 100 times better. Good luck!

Mon, Feb-25-02, 09:19
Thanks!! I'm going to read the book and hope it's for me!

Tue, Feb-26-02, 05:45
I've been on this diet for about 2months and lost steadily a little over 1 lb every week since then , a couple of times,more. This is a slow weight loss but it will stay gone easier than fast loss. You will love the diet if you stick to the book and read it all not just the menu porrtion because there are other things you need to do if your at a certain point. I get upset with people who say the diet don't work and they've only been on it a week or have abused it mercifully or want to change everything in it,. You're not on the diet now when you change it so badly .You're just floundering for a way of life. You can check out my journal t-z and see how I have done and how I follow the book not make up my own version. Wawtigress

Tue, Feb-26-02, 07:12
Thanks Wawtigress! I agree with you 100%. I don't want to be floundering. The Atkins diet is very strict and it sounds like the CALP diet may work for me but I have to read up on it first.