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Mon, Mar-19-07, 11:00
This is a semi-wholemeal type of loaf for those that dislike using soya products. It isnít as low in carbs as my Loaf 1, but itís still low at no more than 5g carbs per slice.

Monís LC Bread-Machine Loaf 2

160g (5.6oz) Vital Wheat Gluten
80g (3oz) Oat Flour *
45g (1.6 oz) Almond flour (finely ground almonds)
25g (.8 oz) Flax meal (finely ground flax seeds) **
5g (.2 oz) Bran
5g (.2 oz) whole Flax seeds
1 medium or large Egg
Ĺ tsp Salt ***
2 tsp Sugar ****
1-3 tsp Splenda *****
1 Ĺ tsp Yeast (dry, rapid acting) ******
210-240ml (16 tbs) Water, lukewarm. *******

[Measurements are in British metric. Iíve included the ones in brackets as a guide, but please check with an online converter.]

Mix together all dry ingredients except yeast.
Beat egg with water, salt and sugars and add to your machineís pan.
Add flour mix on top of water so it mostly floats.
Make a little dip/well on top and add yeast. (Basically, follow your machineís instructions).

Machine process:
5 min warming.
5 min mix. (I need to check itís mixing well)
15-20 min knead.
Soon as kneading is completed, I push it down into a shape fitting the whole pan, as it's usually just a ball.
40-45 min rise. (Should approximately double in size)
35-40 min bake.

Nutrition per loaf (Fitday):
Carbs:67-68 Fat:51 Protein:165 Cals:891
(always check your own ingredients)

16 slices - 4.5g net carbs per slice


* Grind ordinary oats to a flour consistency
** Linusit (UK) Ė 6g carbs per 100g
*** Best to use non-iodised. Too much salt will kill the yeast action.
**** The yeast Ďeatsí the sugar, so thereís no need to count these carbs at all! If youíre weary and use as much as I do, count half the carbs. But honestly, thereís no need to. I've not counted the sugar at all in the final nutritional value.
***** I find a little Splenda improves the flavour, making it closer to commercial wheat bread. If you use crushed tablets instead of the granular variety, you can eliminate those carbs.
****** You can Ďproofí (check) your yeast first if has less than a few months of shelf life left. Put into water and sugar and check it bubbles. Otherwise, dry yeast with plenty of shelf life left wonít need this.
******* Adjust your water temp, making it a little warmer if you donít have the warming option on your machine. One member needed as much as 270ml.

I usually manage 16 thin slices, coming to about 4.5g carbs per slice. An electric slicer has been a worthwhile purchase for all this lc bread!

Finally, you can play around with the oat flour and flaxmeal quantities. More flaxmeal tends to make a bread even more wholemeal. If you add quite a lot of flax meal, you might not need the egg.

I'm going to experiment to see how low I can get the oat flour, and replace with flaxmeal, and still retain a 'normal bread' texture.

journal posting for any alterations (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showpost.php?p=6666405&postcount=14)