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Wed, Jan-30-02, 22:35
When I get home I don't like to eat for a couple of hours. Today when I got home I was in the mood for something to nibble. I ate 1 dill pickle strip. Then about an hour and a half later I ate my reward dinner. Does the pickle mess me up because I snacked on it before dinner? I read in a previous post that if you nibble you have to eat anything else within an hour. :confused: :roll:

Mon, Feb-04-02, 08:56
I'm not sure about the nibbling because it was a low carb nibble......but you're not suppposed to have snacks unless you lose too much right? :confused:

What I have done sometimes when I eat dinner late is shift all my meals later. On the weekends especially I eat breakfast at about 11:30AM, lunch around 2-3PM and then dinner later (7-8PM).

Hope that helps!
-animaldoc :wave: