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Wed, Jan-30-02, 15:14
a friend who camps gave me this.

Take an entire head of cabbage, core it most of the way through. fill the cavity with butter, wrap the whole cabbage in bacon, then this in tin foil. put in a 350 oven (or camp fire) and ignore till done..at least an hour. if baking, peel back foil and broil till bacon exposed is crisp. then cut and serve.
Since I have started making this as a regular sidedish, I have tried, cheese, sausage, and ground beef as fillings in the cabbage.

Sat, Feb-02-02, 22:52
WOW! that sounds really good. Thanks for shareing. :thup:

Sun, Feb-03-02, 18:07
Thanks, Its so nice to see something new and different. I bet you could do it with other things too. maybe spinach? I thought of maybe splitting a zucchini and seeding it them filling it with cheese and wrapping it in bacon and tin foil. I wonder how that would turn out?