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Sat, Jan-06-07, 12:57
Hi All,

I have been logging on all week, writing my journal and checking out before and after pictures. Wow!!! All I can say is thanx for the inspiration and helping with the guts to actually post to the forum. I have made a promise to myself that I will stay with Induction for the next six weeks. That will get me through my class and will also give me an accessible timeline to reassess how things are working.

Just a question for people out there...has anyone got any comments on the difference between the weight loss section of Atkins and South Beach? Which one is easier for you and why? Personally, I'm always afraid to go off Induction because as soon as I spike my sugar levels, that is it for me. I'm off running with the horses to reach the mound of sugar. Any comments would help.

Thanx and I look forward to chatting!

Sat, Jan-06-07, 14:43
oh no! another Canack! :)
Welcome aboard..

as for your question.. after doing this for 5 years, I believe that if Atkins was alive today, his diet would have evolved to something like South Beach.. The GI is something Atkins didn't consider when he wrote his first book many years ago.. And as far as I can see, the main difference between the 2 diets is the incorporation of low GI carbs into SB diet..

Sat, Jan-06-07, 18:25
Hey Aryn! Just moved to your beautiful city. :wave:

I think you hit the problem right there in your post. You are to afraid of going off induction but thats exactly it, the problem is that you are holding your progress behind. Th enutritional program was designed in a manner to kick this behavioral issue.

Why do you stay on iduction and not OWL?

Realistically, is 5 grams of extra fiberous carbohydrates, spread throughout the day really going to spike your blood levels? Probably not.

Ive come to that very conclusion my self recently.

Sat, Jan-06-07, 18:31
Welcome to the forums and to journaling. I too was a bit afraid of coming off induction at first, but over the last year and a half have been slowly adding new things back in the diet with no problems. Just a matter of finding what works and the carb level you can maintain your weight at.

Mon, Jan-08-07, 20:21

Thank you very much for the insight. I agree that it would have morphed into something like SB too. I just know that the last time that I went off Induction I enjoyed it just a little too much so I was wondering if SB gave the aura of a little more freedom but with control...so much to think about!

Thanx again,

Mon, Jan-08-07, 20:29
Hi Dylan,

Welcome to Calgary...I have to admit, I've only been here for three years. I'm actually a West Coaster. We moved from North Van to here with work. I miss the coast but am enjoying life here. Where do you come from???

Why do I stay on Induction? Good question...I do believe that it is a matter of control for me. The last time I was on Induction I lost 30lbs. Once I went off of it, I gain 15lbs back within six months. I am afraid to go off of Induction and not lose the weight. What can I say? I am a classic Type A who has had weight issues all my life...not a good combo. I'm also afraid of starting the sugar cycling again. I am afraid that letting that sugar get into my system again will send me flying again. Somedays I get exhausted from my ups and downs from sugar and think I could just use some lithium or something :) . But, yes, I stay on a strict Induction due to fear. That is my main worry.

You make a good point, really what are five extra carbs a day going to do to me??? Nothing, I just have to make sure that they are the right kinds of carbs and not send me on the sugar rollercoaster again!!

Thanx for the food for thought.

Mon, Jan-08-07, 20:30
Thanks for the words of encouragement...I just have to remember to get the right kinds of carbs... :agree: