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Tue, Jan-02-07, 08:24
Hi Everyone....

I have ballooned to 165 pounds and need to take control...I bought Atkins cookbook (written by his wife after his death) and DANDR (the 1st addition)

I am armed and ready with my water (60 ounces) lemon (1/2), green tea (decaf and 1 packet of splenda), lunch will be three eggs and 3 sausage links, and 1/4 peppers 2 large escarole leaves and 1 T. mayo,

Dinner will be: 6 chicken thighs made in crockpot yesterday with 4 stalks celery, one large onion, low sodium chicken broth, sea salt, garlic powder, pepper >>>>enough for 3 dinners this week...just so I don't have to think about it when I get home at night.

I wish all you fellow starters Big Success's this week...Lets Do It! :agree:

Tue, Jan-02-07, 09:45
Off to a great start.

Best wishes.

Tue, Jan-02-07, 09:54
Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you have things lined up already :)

Wishing you all the best year!!

Tue, Jan-02-07, 10:06
I am armed and ready

Hi newtolwcb :wave: :wave: :wave: & welcome.

You've sure come here with the right attitude :thup: :thup:

I think you'll find the ppl here very nice and supportive.
I wish you good luck on your LC journey :thup:

Tue, Jan-02-07, 10:09
Thank you all! I am so ready to change my body and mindset...

Have to admit I ate way too much yesterday knowing that I was going to start induction today..don't know why I do this to my body!!!