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Wed, Dec-27-06, 16:06
HI everyone

I am firmly resolved to begin low carbing tomorrow. I am sure I will believe it more when I'm a few days in...
I've got even fatter over Christmas, and at the moment it seems no hardship to cut out carbs - feel like I've eaten enough of em the past week to last me a lifetime.
I'm not sure how active I'll be online yet, as I have a very slow computer, and am prone to becoming a bit obsessive about forums, and then abandoning them, so I shall try to dip in and out moderately!
If anyone else is also starting out on a 20-30 carbs a day Atkins style plan and would like an e-mail buddy, please let me know. There's so much information out there, and it would be good to have someone to share experiences, good recipes, and the odd crisis with.

Emma X

Thu, Dec-28-06, 12:11
Hi Emma X ~ I'm new here too. Welcome! It looks like we're both trying to eat 20-30 carbs/day or less. Good Luck to you! I know we can do it!

Thu, Dec-28-06, 12:47
Welcome, Emma! I'm in induction as well, trying to do it under 20 carbs. Good luck!

Thu, Dec-28-06, 13:26
Hi Emma!

Today is the tomorrow you commited to yesterday! ;)

I wish you well, and encourage you to take tremendous advantage of the information and knowledge available here. Also you list "generic low carb" as your plan. Be careful.

I suggest that you read some info on LC plans or ask a lot of questions here before you undertake a plan that may be doomed from the start. Unless you know how LC plans are supposed to work you may be eating too many bad foods, the wrong foods or even not eough food.

Please, please, please, read up on the various plans and pick one and stick to it. Also, get a baseline blood test to check your blood sugasr, cholesterol etc. This is to be sure you are generally in good health and to make sure you have no underlying health issues that a LC WOE could agrivate.

At the very least you will have a starting point to see how well LC is working on your blood levels, thyroid etc...

LC is not just about shedding weight, it is about improving the hidden factors of overall health too.

Welcome, and we're here if you need us!

I wish you the best.