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Mon, Dec-11-06, 22:47
Hi all I have been doing the low carb on and off mostly off for around three years ... My husband is not a good influence in the dieting place.. he loves to eat .... but i'm at my breaking point here i'm having thoughts of death i figure at 276 i'm pretty close to it ... i have heart palpitations .... look most of this weight was put on about a year and a half ago WHEN I QUIT SMOKING ..
you would think that i could do this with ease ... since i quit smoking.

I have got all the physical symptoms of a 90 year old i can hardly go ... I don't know day from sleep i sleep so much... just now hit 40 ...

i told my son tonight i wish there was a patch for this thing... so i reckon i'm sobbing already but it's the first day of induction again.... pray for me ...

my goal right now is forty for starters .. while i'm sobbing a little ... this weight has actually ruined one of my knees .. i'm hoping if i can get some weight off it'll get straightened out .... anyone else have knee problems...

thanks all wish me well ...

Tue, Dec-12-06, 06:56
good morning, kimee. :wave: good luck to you! it is very hard to diet when you have someone who wants to eat, or go out to eat all the time! just tell him you must have support and stick to it! i would set shorter/smaller goals, say 5- 10 lbs at a time--it doesn't seem like too far to reach that way. try to get out and walk! and drink your water!!!!!!!!! im on my 2nd week of atkins and it does work--ive lost 6 lbs so far and im waaaaayyyy older than you! so keep your spirits up and THINK POSITIVE!!! you are right, if you can quit smoking, you can do this!!!! :agree: :thup:

Tue, Dec-12-06, 23:37
Welcome, kimee!

you're at the right place, there's so much support and inspiration here at this forum! hang in there and we'll all do it one day at a time, :wave:

Thu, Dec-14-06, 17:34
you are at the right place. enjoy posting here and it will be easier for you to stay disciplined. good luck

Thu, Dec-14-06, 17:43
Losing weight will definitely help your knees! I have little cartilage left in either one. Weight training the quads/hamstrings, stretching and losing almost 50 pounds has definitely helped. Hang in there - things will get better. Denise

Thu, Dec-14-06, 18:46
Hey and welcome :wave:
The first days are usually the hardest, so try to stick it out.
Good luck :thup: I hope you make it.

Thu, Dec-14-06, 19:43
You've already taken the hardest steps, you've recognized you have a weight problem and you want to fix. You can do this! Even if you don't have the support at home that we all wish for (and some very lucky ones have) you have us here. Everyone here is super nice and ready to give you help and support. Holler at us. Best thing I can tell you is to believe you can do it and start a journal here. Keep constant communication with others. This place has really encouraged me, I know it can help you too. Best wishes.

Thu, Dec-14-06, 19:48
things will get better. My knee problems cleared up when I hit 200 - but it may be sooner for you. even at 215 I had no energy, I was out of breath climbing the stairs in my house, all I could do was sit on the couch. The first walk I took after starting low carb again my fiance thought he was going to have to call an ambulance. Even after a week on low carb I regained much of my energy and motivation - now i feel great most days.

it will get better! Welcome to the site.

Fri, Dec-15-06, 13:51
I had a terrible lower-back pain when I was the heaviest (300 lbs.)
It started to hurt after 2-3 min. of walking, and it was horrific if I had to stand for more than a min. or 2.
One time I had to wait in a store (it was really busy, Dec. 23rd!) for about 15 min. & it hurt so bad that when I had walked home (bout 7-8 min. walk) I just started crying from pain as soon as I got in the door. I think that's one of my low points.
BUT when I had lost 15-20 lbs it went away!!!
Now I get it very seldom (& not as bad) and it reminds me how bad I felt back then & how I don't wanna go back there.

I hope you find this site helpful and Welcome!!!

Sat, Dec-16-06, 09:35

man I love you guys what great support ...