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Sun, Nov-26-06, 10:37
started a lo-carb like protein power three days ago!! need to plan ahead for meals! lost 38# in 2004 but stalled out.. did nor gain, but no loss either. THEN i started to go off, and really went off the wol bigtime.. regained all. I AM DETERMINED!!!!thanks!

Sun, Nov-26-06, 23:34
Good luck!!

Mon, Nov-27-06, 02:22
Greetings and welcome aboard!

You'll find lots of multiple-timers around here (I'm one of them). The key - easier said than done - is to truly accept and adopt that this is a new, wonderful, but permanent Way of Life. Lots of neat, tasty stuff is permanently off our plates - but lots of other neat, tasty stuff is permanently on our plates, too.

Good luck!

Mon, Nov-27-06, 14:55
Hi. Welcome to the forum.
Good luck!

Mon, Nov-27-06, 17:07
thanks for the thumbs up! do you use hoodia?

Tue, Nov-28-06, 00:03
I've heard of hoodia. Some people here claim its a miracle plant. The bushmen used to use it to curb appetite while going long periods without food. Never tried it! Have you?

Tue, Nov-28-06, 06:42
no, have not tried.how about caffeine>?? and is there a gum with locarbs>??

Tue, Nov-28-06, 07:33
In Atkins book, he says no caffeine, because it may cause blood sugar spikes in some people, which will result in cravings.

I have to confess...gulp...I have had two small cups of tea with caffeine in them. Nothing really happened. But, I'm trying not to. Coffee has carbs in it.

Sugar free gum...maybe an option, but it depends on the sweetener they use...some gums use saccharine, which I think is ok? Really not sure...