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Tue, Nov-07-06, 13:04
I'm new here and hope to find a solution of my problems which are not understood by doctors. I've been considering taking up Dr Atkinson's diet for some time but not quite sure yet. I have always been very, very tired in the evenings and fallen asleep at about 9 pm covered with two blankets (always cold), with thick socks on. For about three years no sex drive (my husband loves me very much and so do I). Not to gain weight I must eat almost nothing (for example, 2 eggs, fruit and vegetables a day). In the other case I put on weight with the speed of light . I have gained 16 pounds since July. I was 110 pounds in July and now I'm 126 just eating some sweets or a sandwich now and again. I have been a vegetarian for nine years. I haven't eaten potatoes, pasta, soup for about 5 or 6 years. I suspected there was something wrong with my thyroid so I had it examined. I've got a 4 mm lump (the size was 2 years ago). My TSH is 2,33 ; FT3- 2,42 pg/ml, FT4 - 0,97 ng/ml. A doctor said they are normal. But the problem is I don't feel normal! 1/3 of my left eyebrow is missing, my skin is very dry,poor hair. I forget what I've just done - just 10 seconds ago! My blood preassure is low, especially in the evening - 95/55-85/43. I'm often depressed and lost the joy of working
Sorry fo such long introduction. :confused: :confused:

Tue, Nov-07-06, 13:57
Welcome Mariola!! I'm sure you find a wealth of info on these forums to help you deal with your diet issues!


Best of luck hun

Tue, Nov-07-06, 19:24
You definately have thyroid issues. Get another doctor.

Tue, Nov-07-06, 19:43
Hullo there, Mariola, and welcome. :)

I can't help wondering if part of your problem is because you need to gain a little more weight. At 5'7, you were clearly very underweight at 110 pounds, so your body grabbed at whatever you gave it in order to gain those much needed pounds.

Yes, you do seem to have some thyroid problems, but I suspect your problems are deeper than that. Have you ever been treated for an eating disorder?

My suggestion for you would be to start eating low carb, making sure to get adequate amounts of protein. Two eggs a day is nowhere near adequate. :exclm:
You may well gain a bit more, but that is because that will be healthy for you. At 126 pounds, you are at the very lowest end of the normal weight spectrum, so to gain a few pounds will not hurt you. I think it may well help your general health enormously.

I wish you all the best, especially good health. :bhug:


Wed, Nov-08-06, 00:38
:confused: :confused:

I agree with the earlier post that thyroid might be a problem. Take your temperature 4 times a day with an accurate thermometer. If the average of the readings is below 97 degrees, you have a thyroid problem. Dr. Atkins mentions this in his diet book, but there is only enough infomation there to get you started.

How are your iodine levels? Low iodine in the diet will hinder even a healthy thyroid. Low Iron levels? Isnt that what causes hair loss?

I am not a doctor, I am only guessing here ... but ...

Your list of symptoms seems to indicate deficiencies in many things. Being vegetarian, you would want to start with all of the things vegetarians are known to be lacking in their diets, such as essential fatty acids, all the fat soluble vitamins.

If you don't already, take a good multivitamin every day. A vegetarian also NEEDS EFA's. Fish oil, or flax oil / borage oil supplements will help if you can't bring yourself to eat the right foods.

Wed, Nov-08-06, 11:55
Thank you very much for all replies. My iron level is not too high - 49,8 ug/dl and haemoglobin level - 11,2 g/dl but as far as I remeber I have always had rather low level of it, even when I was eating meat. My 126 is too much for me because I have fat on my belly and I hate it. I have nerver had an eating disorder ( I suppose so because I stopped at 108 and my favourite was - 110): I just had to limit my food because in the other case I immediately started to put on weight . I like to be slim. All my clothes have been to tight for me now what makes me crazy.
So I'm going to start taking vitamins and EFA's and I will try low carb. Thanks .