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Wed, Jan-23-02, 20:15

Today was a so-so day. I had a one-egg omelette for breakfast with some shredded cheddar and some cooked sausage. I had my two cups of coffee with my two ounces of cream.

For lunch I had broccoli-slaw with olive oil/balsamic vinegar and a few sprinkles of dried thyme. Also in the salad was some thinly sliced hard salami (Boar's Head brand - listed as ZERO carbs) and some mozzarella cheese. Also had five asparagus spears with a teaspoon of butter on them.

I was very hungry about 5p.m. and I had to go to the grocery store because I was out of most of my fresh veggies. I was eating celery sticks in the car on the way to the store.

Once I got home, my DH had already fixed our salads, so I didn't have to take time to do that!

I had my salad with blue cheese dressing (lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, scallions and three green olives -- no pimento!)
For my dinner, I had home made chicken spread on two thin slices of Italian bread with mayo and a medium thick layer of cranberry sauce. I also had about three quarters of a cup of wax beans with about a teaspoon of butter.

Today I drank about 120 ounces of water.

That sandwich tasted SO good! I'm on CALP and I'm allowed my Reward Meal -- so why do I feel guilty about that bread and cranberry sauce? I had very few carbs all day and I was very hungry. But I feel like I've done something wrong! I thought I kept the meal balanced like I'm supposed to, but maybe bread AND cranberry sauce pushed it over the edge. I guess the scale will tell the tale. The first few days of this program I had lost 6 pounds. Even sticking to it religiously, I gained two pounds back -- one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Then I stayed the same for two days and today I was down one pound -- but still one pound more than a week ago. I'm not having any cravings, and the cranberry sauce is the sweetest thing I've had in two weeks -- so why do I feel bad about it? I thought this whole WOL was to make you STOP feeling bad about food!

Can anyone who's been on CALP successfully for a while tell me if my Reward Meal was over the top?

Stormy's got the blues tonight...

Thu, Jan-24-02, 07:07
I've been on CAd/CAlp for 5-6 weeks after being on Atkins. I have lost an average of 1 -1 1/2 per week so far. As for the ups and downs , that why they say to keep a weight chart. Your weight will fluctuate from day to day sometime. Mine does but I still see a lose at the end of the week. Your meal sounded okay to me , i have a dessert everyday at my reward meal and so far so good. I post my journal t-z and you can read if you want. I felt funny at first about the desserts but now I don't . I've gotten used to the way the diet works and I don't feel guilty about it. I've lost 3 inches off my waist and also off my hips since 11/30/01 so I feel good. Hope this helps you and gives you encouragement. Wawtigress

Thu, Jan-24-02, 08:30
Your reward meal sounded fine to me!

I'm going to echo wawtigress here......try to remember to weigh yourself everyday and compare the weekly averages. Daily fluctuations are common, but you will begin to see the weekly averages drop. You should compare those to get a feel for how much you are losing weekly and don't worry about the daily numbers so much.

Keep enjoying your RM and try not to feel to guilty! As those pounds slip away, you won't worry so much!

-animaldoc :wave:

Thu, Jan-24-02, 08:59
I just switched recently from Atkins to CALP and I understand, being SCARED to eat the reward meal. But, the book says we can, so I plan to give it a try for a while and see how it goes.

I need to plan ahead more for that reward meal, however. I am having difficulty figuring out what to eat for it?

I have not finished the CAD or the CALP book. I have both here from the library . So, maybe when I get done, I will have a better view of what that reward meal is all about! Hope so, anyway!

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Thu, Jan-24-02, 11:13
First of all -- thanks to all who posted encouragement. I do realize that I have to average my weights, and I do weigh myself everyday. I know I'm still at the beginning of the program -- not even two full weeks yet -- so I try not to get discouraged. I tell myself that it took me thirty years to get to the weight I am and I can't expect to lose it all in a short period of time. Besides, I am in this for the long haul (providing there is a "long-haul" left!){Gee, sure hope so!)

I'm feeling much better today. First of all the Whoosh Fairy paid me a visit overnight and my weight was down 2 pounds this morning. (One pound UNDER my lowest weight last week) So my weekly average is definitely down. Secondly, I was SO hungry yesterday afternoon (something that hasn't really happened since I began the program) that I felt that I over-did it at my RM. I didn't have a dessert last night, though the cranberry sauce could probably count as dessert. I've been to fitday a few times, and if anything I'm probably not taking in ENOUGH total calories. I just don't know how to increase my calories without increasing my carbs -- a girl can only eat so many celery sticks, afterall! I'm thinking of carrying something like SlimJims in my purse. They are low in carbs but high in fat -- alas, they are also high in sodium which makes you retain water. Oh, oh, woe woe!

Any suggestions?


Sat, Jan-26-02, 09:26
Hi! This diet is eaay to follow!! You may or maynot see the dramatic results but you caan stick to it. I think a slow loss is better than no loss, especially if I'm in it for the long haul. I found if I restric myself too badly then I will probably quit.
I quickly read your meals and the sound ok to me. if you are still hungry maybe eat a little mor meat with your meals. The chicken sandwich sounded sooo good...just make sure there was eneough meat to equal 1/3 of your food. cranberries and bread were both high carb so there should be at leasst eneough meat to = these in portion size. If I want dessert I have only salad, meat and lowcarb vegies (the craving reducung ones) and have my dessert as the carb 1/3 of the meal. I usually don't bother and have a veggie instead.
Anyway good luck and way to go!!!