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Wed, Oct-18-06, 17:44
Hi, my name is merlyn I haven't had time to intruduce my self ,I am so excited about trying atkins I have read the book and I am ready to start. I am 65lbs over weight and have a lot of minor health issues that I did not have when I was at a normal weight. Can any one tell me where I can find a list of induction acceptable foods, I loaned my book out and I wanted to get started before I get my book back.

P.s. this website is very encouraging and I am proud of all those who made goal and all of those that are on there way!!!!!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me.
Phil 4:13 KJV

Wed, Oct-18-06, 19:04
I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me.
Phil 4:13 KJV Those Philippians really had it going on. Best wishes to you.

Wed, Oct-18-06, 20:11
Ask and ye shall receive (John 16:24).

Acceptable foods for Induction:

Thu, Oct-19-06, 08:17
Good luck! :wave:

Thu, Oct-19-06, 09:58
Welcome Merlyn! Glad to have you join us here.


Thu, Oct-19-06, 15:41
thank everyone for the replies and info, I will check back in next week,Everyone have a blessed and beautiful weekend!!!!!