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Tue, Jan-22-02, 10:45
Im new to all this. Ive read most of Dr A's book but i still cant get my head round the extra vitamins, tablets or powders that people talk about here on the boards. Am I supposed to take extra vitamins? Are there tablets I can take to speed up my weightloss?

Please help, I really want to do this the right (fast if possible) way :D



Tue, Jan-22-02, 19:58
Someone started a thread today on What Vitamins/Supplements do you take? and various members are posting what they take, depending on their personal needs. You don't need anything fancy. If you hit view today's active threads from the support forum page, you'll see all the threads that were active today.

Are there tablets I can take to speed up my weightloss?

You don't want speedy weight loss, you want slow and steady weightloss in which you will develop good habits for life. One of the ways that Atkins gets a bad rap is by people expecting a miraculously fast and easy weight loss. Most of the time, it just doesn't work that way. It's slow, because it's a learning process. It depends on how fast a learner you are! ;)


Wed, Jan-23-02, 08:59
I have posted on the other thread as well.

The actual tablets I refered to are available in Boots.

The multivamin I use is either Sanatogen or Centrum. They are much of a muchness.

The diet supplements are either a product called Diet 6 (there is one for women and one for men)or another one called Chroma Slim. Not cheap at around 14 per bottle.

Holland and Barrett have pysillium husk capsules which I am considering for added fibre.

Wed, Jan-23-02, 10:38
Thanks everyone, im on in search for that other thread now :D