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Sat, Jan-19-02, 11:09
Hi there, I wonder whether you guys can help me....?
Last evening I had one little gin and slimline tonic and wow it hit me like a steam engine! I felt awful as if I had a half bottle or something. The next morning I felt dead tired and drained and terribly thirsty.
I am on day 10 of Induction and have lost 7lbs and so for a celebration I thought that a tiny g&t would not hurt totally. As far as I can work out the gin is 0 g of carbs and the slimline tonic says carbs = trace. Can anyone help me out on this one at all?

Fine :daizy:

Sun, Jan-20-02, 01:51
With LC, this is known as the "cheap drunk syndrome".

Your body will pick alcohol as it's first choice to burn and ignore your fat. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, I think it's because your body grabs at it saying - Oh goody! Fat burning takes more work. Think I'll suck back this alcohol!- the same way it grabs carbs - very piggy. The same thing will happen if you eat bad carbs. It will suck your will to live!

BTW, alcohol is not part of Induction.

A better reward is jewelry. ;)


Thu, Jan-24-02, 08:34
Thanks Karen,
That has answered that question. You are right I shan't do that again - I'll opt for the jewellry or a good book!

Take care