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Fri, Jan-18-02, 17:12
My son who is almost fifteen has been diabetic for 10 years. I just started LCing (need to lose 35 pounds) and so have been finding out about some great products and passing them along to him (like those Carbolite bars...mmmmm!)

Anyway, I just cannot figure out why his ketosis is different from mine. When my son has ketones, all hell breaks lose; he becomes extremely ill and occasionally has to be brought to the hospital. His team of very highly regarded endos tell him that he is damaging his body by allowing this to happen.

When my strip turns purple, I rejoice.

I just cannot figure out the difference. Does anyone here know? For example, what would happen if my son went days without eating any carbs at all? Would he get sick from the ketones or not?

Any isnight would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Fri, Jan-18-02, 19:13
hi there kim
i'm am not a doctor but, my wife is type 1 and eats almost no carbs every day. the problem that you are having is with the basal insulin amount. you and I can go without carbs and be ok because we have a phase 1 and phase 2 insulin response. (basal and food coverage) a type 2 can go no carb because they still have a phase 1 ( basal ) once you get your son under basal control the low carb will be great for his health. Dr. Richard Bernstein's book is great and will explain everything. He is a type 1 for about 60 years

good luck


Fri, Jan-18-02, 20:59
Hi Kim,

We are in ketosis when we burn fat. What happens to your son is ketoacidosis which is entirely different.

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Sat, Jan-19-02, 11:58
Hi Karen -

Thanks for all the great tips and links all over this site, by the way!

Anyhoo - I did read up, and while it makes more sense to me now (in my experience with my son, ketones and ketoacidosis were one and the same) we have also had situations of ketoacidosis without high blood sugars. It isn't common, but it does happen. Usually with an illness that hasn't shown up yet or something which remains unexplained like a growth spurt and/or hormone change.

Wouldn't it be super-scary to put diabetics on a no or low carb diet? The strips could turn color if ketoacidosis was starting and if your strips were always a color, you wouldn't have any warning.

Still trying to get a handle on all of this (but I think I will get that book everyone recommends.)


Sun, Jan-20-02, 02:00
Ruth, I know for sure is diabetic, and there a few others here. You may want to go over and have a peek at her journal.